Extremely early electronic music here from genius autodidact Ruth White. Released in 1969, Flowers Of Evil takes all the possibilities that were present before electronic music was properly codified and channels them into something eerie and unsettling. White took readings of Charles Baudelaire's poetry as a foundation to build a music that will haunt you for weeks. 

Vinyl LP £22.99

3rd pressing, clear vinyl repress LP on Black Mass Rising. Edition of 300 copies.

Sold out.

Vinyl LP £22.49

Classic LP reissue on Black Mass Rising Society. Edition of 500 copies.

Sold out.



Flowers Of Evil by Ruth White
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9/10 Ant 06 June 2013

I honestly can't think of a finer record than this that has passed through the walls in all the years I've been working at Norman Records. For me to score this holy grail on vinyl is an absolute joy. I gotta give props to the Creel Pone label for sharing this one back in 2006. I've never seen an original copy of this for sale and were one to come up it would be top dollar so also hats off to France's Black Mass Rising for this much needed vinyl reissue.

Simply put this is a dark occult masterpiece - originally released in 1969 it makes much contemporary dark electronic music sound like playskool. It is in my opinion one of the finest electronic music records one could ever wish to hear. This LP was sonically advanced at the time and still sounds positively evil. Ruth White was a self taught synth pioneer who's name rarely gets mentioned in the avant-garde electronics history books. Here she assembled her electronically treated readings of Charles Baudelaire's poetry with spooky synth-scapes, strange electronic backdrops/ drones and tape collage to create an eternal classic in a leauge of its own. Imagine if Delia Debyshire were possessed by Aleister Crowley.  

Only 500 copies which I don't expect will hang about for too long once news of this this low key reissue gets out. Every time I play this album it never fails to blow my mind. Absolutely essential for any true electronic music connoisseur. If her 'Seven Trumps From The Tarot Cards' LP also got a reissue I would die a happy man.

10/10 Ember Wyrdt 26th January 2017

I've been looking for a physical copy of this for years (as both of its relatively small post-60s represses have sold out labels-side). Arrived in a quite timely manner, in great condition. No complaints at all whatsoever. Thank you for making my dreams come true.

10/10 juliana 22nd June 2013

You don't need to be a feminist to see the pivotal role that women have played in the development of electronic music but to my mind the likes Delia Derbyshire, Wendy Carlos and Ruth White are up there with the male giants of the abstract - Cage, Stockhausen,Boulez. God only knows what kind of crap they had to put up with in the male worlds they worked in.

So thank God someone has finally rescued this dark gem. People, this was recorded in 1969. Digest that fact and put it into context. Kraftwerk weren't even formed then and Richard James was a cell in his mother's body. It's easy to point to the occult references and horror sounds but one of the main reasons this record sounds so eerie and creepy is because it is out of time and place. If it feels ahead of time right now in 2013 then imagine the kind of creative mind needed to compose it back then.

This is a truly great record of true historical importance and if you claim to love electronic music in any way it is an essential listen.

10/10 marc 13th June 2013

I have never heard anything quite like this before. It is very dark at times, and can often be what I would call unsettling. It is really worth a listen and a piece of art that I am proud to own.


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