The Exalted King by The Cosmic Dead

The Exalted King by The Cosmic Dead was available on Vinyl Double LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Limited Vinyl Double LP £31.99 CER-018

Coloured vinyl 2LP on Cosmic Eye. Mega limited!.

  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
Sold out.

Limited Vinyl Double LP £26.99 CER-018

Black vinyl on Cosmic Eye Records. Mega limited!.

  • Limited edition
Sold out.



The Exalted King by The Cosmic Dead
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9/10 Mike 22 May 2013

The Cosmic Dead’s debut tape recently got a vinyl pressing on Leeds’s insta-cult new psych label Cardinal Fuzz and sold like hot cakes, so I’m sure many of you will be excited to discover that we now have vinyl copies of their second excursion, ‘The Exalted King’ - another 80-minute journey into the dark psychedelic wastelands through bubbling drums and saturated Headsy guitar tones. On the first disc we’ve got the title track over two sides (cut precisely in half - 17.09 per side), starting slow and ritualistic before building to a mind-melting space rock clamour which dips and soars intuitively, sucking the listener into its far-out time vortex where 40 minutes passes in moments. Particularly enjoying the walky bass when things get more restrained at the end of the first side. Towards the end of the track things gradually get faster, building to a panicky climax, and then there’s a passage of crazy bonged out tribal ambience to close.

Exhausting as that may have been, we still have one LP to go! Over on disque deux, ‘Anatta’ opens with some twangy Bong-esque sitar drones before a head-nodding mystical rhythm section groove and some harsh wah guitar touches come in, it slowly builds in intensity as it goes along but is generally quite restrained, somewhere between Om, Gnod and the aforementioned Bong. Then ‘Khartomb’ has a shivery 5/6 groove and slightly Arabic sounding melodies - the organ which has been subtly present from the start really comes into its own on this number. There’s some distant babbling vocals towards the end which sound dead cool too.

Finally there’s the 20-minute ‘Anaphora’ spread over side D, which opens with a lengthy spaced out swirl of echoed vocals and synth squiggles, bathing you in trippy dark ambient textures before the bass and drums fade in with a patient desert groove reminiscent of Mugstar, which patiently plods along while blown out guitar interruptions tease out weird little feedback melodies and tasteful ornamentation before ending as it began, fading out into otherworldly clamouring ambience. I’ve enjoyed this greatly - a crisper and more professional recording than the first, to these ears at least, with their patiently grooving hypno-psych side dominating over their blown-out abandon side for much of the duration. Thumbs up!


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