Melt Yourself Down by Melt Yourself Down

The self-titled debut from Melt Yourself Down is a heady, in-your-face mix of jazz, krautrock, punk and African sounds that will leave you wondering where you left your head. The band are led by Polar Bear associate Pete Wareham - so you know the band’s musical chops are all in place. They pack a real punch live too.

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Melt Yourself Down by Melt Yourself Down
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9/10 Mike 13 June 2013

Pete Wareham from Acoustic Ladyland/Polar Bear has gathered together another of his supergroups for a cheeky Afro-dance jazz party which includes a Heliocentric, a Zun Zun Egui and a Hello Skinny who percussed with Mulatu Astatke. Their sound reminds me of a souped up and percussion-heavy take on ‘80s honk-rock pioneers Blurt, with powerful sax shapes leading the way while lively, danceable rhythms bubble around underneath.

Yer Zun Zun lad does some singing in places but the vocals are kept pretty understated and this is predominantly an instrumental album, more specifically an instrumental album for people to dance to. It doesn’t sound like, but will appeal to fans of, Battles or Three Trapped Tigers, you know that kind of wonkily aggressive indie-dance sound. This is jazzier and more celebratory than either of those bands though. They’re playing tonight in Leeds, incidentally. Should be interesting.

10/10 Pavel 23rd June 2013

Melt Yourself Down is basically musical opus which borrows elements from variety genres from Jazz through afro-beat, funk to art-rock and electronic music. What is so superb about this LP is musical painting decorated into variaty colours. Record is highly influenced by latino, african and middle-eastern music. Because the diversity of sounds and wide range of ideas this particular LP sounds super creative and catchy at the same time.

Opening track called "Fix my life" is one bloody opener and best possible invite for listener into listening this LP. This song represent overall cool vibe and well executed heterogenous ideas which resulted into cohesive mixture of that self titled LP. Whole record sounds like journey from Belize to Riyadh in spaceship during the year 2126.

I have to point out that, this music probably doesnt't have musical neighbours right now and because of that it's hard to compare or scale that record with others but there are some artists which might be noticed following to this. Sun Ra and his experimental space jazz, Ondatropica which is Colombian supergroup playing latino music kind a similar to this, actualy this Melt Yourelf Down record sounds like Onatropica on steroids it's more aggresive and definitely more experimental which is really great.

This record is a brand new sonical experiance. I strongly recommend this for all musical lovers which benefits from what it provides.

My rating is 4.5/5 that LP definitely deserves it. It's piece of art in pure form, believe me you won't be dissapointed…



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