Crawling Up The Stairs by Pure X

There's a series of re-issues from Austin's Pure X who made a series of albums in the early two thousand and teens that were based on the slowcore type moves of the likes of Mazzy Star and Low.  This 2013 effort dials up the weird coming across as if you are dialling the FM stations in search of lost Galaxie 500 sessions. Worth another listen we reckon.  

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Crawling Up The Stairs by Pure X
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8/10 Clinton 10 May 2013

Thank goodness we have our review database. At a glance I can recall that these lot were once touted as a next big thing,  a tag that is now hard to see not because they are not very good but because their sound is so unusual and, at times, unpalatable.  The influences that were obvious on their first couple of records are still there -  namely Mazzy Star, Low, Morphine, Galaxie 500  but things have just got a lot stranger in the world of these Texas-based oddballs.

The opening title track sets the tone with some crackly lo fi atmospherics cutting through swarthes of radio static, twinkly late night atmospherics and some really odd disconcerting high-pitched vocals. The pulsing bass is the only element keeping the thing from falling away into chaos.  ‘Someone Else’ is like Chris Isaak losing his mind, the twangy guitars have a Lynchian feel to them but the vocals....hmmm well.....there is something over the over-emote in the delivery which spoils the thing, one part Nick Cave, one part a man being sick. Better is ‘Written In The Slime’ (uuurrgghh) which contains some nice slow electric guitar , synth and some vocoder of all things. ‘I Fear What I Feel’ continues the theme with some picked bass underpinning atmospheric guitars and more static.

The vocals again are eccentric but just on the right kind of shrill, I’m reminded of How to Dress Well’s eerie Prince fixated thud matched with Low’s off centre opus ‘Drums and Guns’. At many times it sounds like trying to tune in an AM radio to a late night Galaxie 500 session beamed in off another planet.



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