Psychocandy by The Jesus & Mary Chain

180-gram heavyweight LP audiophile editions. Cut from a brand new 2014 master taken from original archive tapes and mastered at half-speed, preserving and enhancing the intense frequencies and volume of the original recordings. Replication of the original release with full colour inner bags, labels and original finishes.


  • Just Like Honey
  • The Living End
  • Taste The Floor
  • The Hardest Walk
  • Cut Dead
  • In A Hole
  • Taste Of Cindy
  • Never Understand
  • Inside Me
  • Sowing Seeds
  • My Little Underground
  • You Trip Me Up
  • Something's Wrong
  • It's So Hard

Limited Vinyl LP £23.99 CANDY1

Ltd red / black splatter vinyl LP on Demon / Edsel. Edition of 1000 numbered copies.

  • Limited edition
  • Record Store Day item
Sold out.

Vinyl LP £23.99 DEMRECCANDY1

180g vinyl LP on Demon.

Sold out.



Psychocandy by The Jesus & Mary Chain
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10/10 Matty B 15th May 2016

This is probably the greatest ever record. I first heard Upside Down on John Peels Festive 50. This was truly radical and seemed to be everything I'd ever wanted from a pop song. My friends and I went into Oxford the following day and brought a copy each. The hype around the band was great - they seemed truly radical and were against everything (including sodding goths which they most definitely weren't).

We found out they were playing North London Polytechnic and got a mum with a credit card to buy us tickets. This was truly exciting, we couldn't wait. The gig was brilliant (how the fuck could a bunch of old men recreate it - the past is the past). Even Bobby Gillespie was cool - just watch the Whistle Test appearance for proof. And then there was the album - this truly lived up to the hype. This still sounds fresh - it is perfect pop and deserves total adulation. Sadly everything afterwards was rubbish.

For a brief time in the mid 80s the Jesus and Mary Chain were the greatest band ever (then to ruin everything they got involved in the classic album live show schtik and came close to ruining everything). Buy the record - it is close to perfection!

10/10 Jakob 10th August 2014

It feels a bit redundant reviewing this but what the hell.

Younger listeners probably aren't aware of what a kick up the ass the JAMC offered via this album back in what was possibly the bleakest point of the 80s - 1985. This was the year when you couldn't have a radio on for more than 10 minutes without hearing the plodding, CD-driven salesman-rock of Dire Straits. The year when Jagger and Bowie thought it right to do a duet. The year when U2 launched themselves into the global consciousness via Live Aid.

Psychocandy's mix of noise, goth, punk and pop, along with the sheer stench of drugs it emitted, was thus perfect fodder for anyone who, like me, was sitting their A Levels and fancied themselves outside the mainstream. I still vividly remember the thrill when 'Some Candy Talking' did what seemed impossible and got the Reid brothers and young Bobby Gillespie into the charts and on to Top Of The Pops. Things like this didn't happen back then. There were The Smiths (fronted by a suspiciously gay-acting man, singing about vegetarianism, bunches of flowers everywhere) but they played and sang conventional sounding songs. Parents were alarmed but not scared. JAMC lashed feedback to doo-wop and stared at the floor whilst pretending to be on heroin. No comparison, really.

And none of this would've mattered were it not for the fact that the album itself is truly, epically brilliant. The JAMC never reached these heights again. From the iconic opening bars of 'Just Like Honey' to the dying-amp screech that closes out 'It's So Hard', 'Psychocandy' stomps through track after track of Velvets-via-Spector-via-Glasgow musical genius. There are so many standout tracks here - 'Some Candy Talking', 'You Trip Me Up', 'My Little Underground', 'Taste The Floor'. It's insane.

Few albums invent a movement but this one did. We'll never know if the indie cliché that without 'Psychocandy' it's impossible to imagine My Bloody Valentine is true or not, but it's very plausible. But I'm straying back into music history here and boring even myself.


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