Champagne Holocaust by Fat White Family

A genuine blast of fresh/fetid air, depending on which you think the UK needed back in 2013? Or merely another bunch of drug-addled, diseased attention seekers with just enough repetitive riffs and churning glam-inspired songs to get by? Whatever, 'Champagne Holocaust' was the Fat White's Oasis-referencing debut that showcased their skills in the area of publicity stunts just as much as their ability to produce scuzzy, underground garage rock.   

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"Piss" yellow coloured vinyl repress LP on Trash Mouth.

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Champagne Holocaust by Fat White Family
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9/10 Nathon 03 November 2013

Prompted by the arrival of this one on a CD promo and the somewhat arsey customer review wondering why we'd not reviewed this (because we don't always have time, fella!!) I thought I'd give it a listen.

Glad I did. From the disturbing cover art I was expecting some kind of extreme noise nonsense, but this is far from that. Sure, it's a messy and dirty affair full of scratchy guitars all cobbled together with pissed-sounding vocals but there are actual solid tunes underpinning it all. Bits of it sound like a lysergic take on punk, bits of it sound like bastardised country. I guess it's fairly close to Fall and Birthday Party territory in parts...

This lot are apparently big on the London squat scene, and from the scuzzy scruffiness of the music on offer here that sounds about right. London's various scenes and the music they produce can sometimes seem a bit cold and studied to this adopted Northerner, but this one is an unkempt gem. One of the best things I've heard this year, actually.

3/10 Frank Brown 25th November 2014

In my view it is amazing that the Fat White Family have managed to get this far at all.

Painfully plagiarised material cobbled from just about every slightly successful psych band from back in the day characterises this record. I struggled to find even the slightest hint of originality in this odious and dire offering. Certainly the band have their followers, consisting largely of the middle-class pseudo-slummers of the London squat scene, [an oxymoron in itself], however anyone who has ever heard of the Velvet Underground or the Cramps will no doubt attest, this has been done a million times before and done better.

Dull, self-obsessed [to the point of am-dram] vignettes that might have been marginally interesting the first time round [40 years ago] does not make a good record today. Sadly there are no redeeming features whatsoever from this outfit both in terms of sound, style, delivery, message or motivation, rather it looks like the idle young rich playing at being alt/goth/ get the kettle on.

9/10 richard soundfun 30th April 2014

Raw and beautifully ugly, sits smoking the same bananas as Willie Mason 'Where the Humans Eat' Team Love Records ‎– TL-02 or Hannas Barber 'Don't Buy The Sun' Instant Action Object IAO 01 cat 2005

9/10 Mike 20th December 2013

Bought after reading a review by Louderthanwar whilst consuming a nice bottle of red, without even hearing it 3 clicks and it was mine - must say this album has been dominating my turntable since it landed - if you are humming and haring --- well don't get the vinyl version CD's are for pussies

9/10 John From Somewhere 4th July 2013

Oh my Lord, the saintly Norman Records never got round to reviewing this one then? That's a rotten shame. I'd have thought that this was right up your collective alley. Grab a copy and give it a go. It's is a dirty and scabrous little masterpiece. Or maybe you like playing it a bit safe these days?



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