Berserk! by Berserk!

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Berserk! by Berserk!
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7/10 Xibalba 24th July 2013

Berserk!'s opener feels less berserk more pull up a seat, plant your heels on the coffee table and ponder the penning of that noir Private Dick picture you've been mulling over. You know the one - slow, subtitled (yeah, there's dialogue in there somewhere, under all this damned smoke/atmosphere. Keep it vague, keep 'em guessing.), dark and moody. It's that bass. It's that soft trombone fingering thoughts - digging for imagery. Those spoken words leading you into darkened meanderings. Setting up shop in the bell tower of a moon pierced church was a good call.

"Am I, supposed to be here?" We've all been there, trapped in a bag of somebody else's bodily fluids. When do I get out? The hell is all that commotion I sense beyond? Someone answer the bloody phone! Fetal Claustrophobia has me thrashing for the unseen surface. Tumbling drums, pushmepullme bass, bubbles stream from the depths piano, bends a coming trombone. "I, can not, come back!"

And, we're back. Strolling the muggy drizzle riddled streets of noirnessness. I'm (not) Tommy the Cat! Blackened greys with a tipex smirk, skulk factor maxed, trench collar popped, shoulder guard smokes 'neath a sodden puddle gazing brimmed hat. There's no rush. Take your time. Take in the weight of the surroundings "surprise, I'm not dead!".
Things just got surreal. That trombone solo has me at Kia-Ora o'clock, in a slo-mo, grainy, contrast bleaching blister bordering kinda light, but them crows be cats and together we drank out the sun... Dobedobedobe!

Possibly my favourite track on the album, First. Letting the piano ease you on in for a little whiff of Josh Homme-esque gone lazy lounge vocals, but all a bit Bowie/Gabriel/Book of Knots in an airtight container launched into orbit around Saturn to gel/breed/snuggle. Reel that container back on in and give the contents a chance to breath...

That's the kinda vibe I got from this record. How's it sound? Give it a spin, init!


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