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Cataclyst is honored to present Seas - Liesma. A new work from Chris Douglas aka Dalglish/ Scald Rougish/ OST etc.

Limited edition CD in DVD case. Hand-numbered edition of 110 copies.

For fans of Coil, Nurse With Wound, Autechre, Thomas Köner.


01. 04.6.02. 04.8.03. 10.504. 04.4 05. 08.9.06. 08.6.07. 03.208. 04.509. 02.8.10. 08.1211. 04.8. 12. 08.11     |


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Liesma by Seaes
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9/10 Ant Staff review, 19 April 2013

Liesma is a new work from inimitable Berlin based experimental electronic music artist Chris Douglas aka Dalglish, Scald Rougish, OST etc. This is the debut of his Seaes alias on Cataclyst. If there is a concept to 'Liesma' it remains hidden, I prefer to think of it as autobiographical sound as opposed to conceptual. The track titles, as in much of Chris’s work are simply numbers which in this case refer to track position and what I assume to be a date. So my conclusion is that the dates refer to a particular day, and that the audio is a sonic articulation that captures the artists thoughts and emotions on the given day. ‘01. 4.6’ opens the album with a chilling sense of impending dread with menacing bass and erratic ticks, listening kinda makes me feel nervous, almost paranoid.

Having listened to this album several times already, I had a moment where I really connected with it. I had been up all night and was making my way home, walking the streets just before the city awoke and I was the only person around and ‘02. 04.8’ kicked in on my headphones and I felt like I was the last man on earth, lost, it was a creepy feeling. Around me I imagined a scorched earth, a post apocalyptic landscape with the decaying remnants of industry, no humans but machines hammering away and the presence of ghosts (no I wasn’t tripping.) Think of slow heavy industrial techno and the shadowy gloom of Nurse With Wound’s ‘Soliloqy For Lilith’ or the kind of liminal zones created by Aphex Twin’s ‘Selected Ambient Works II’, Kevin Drumm’s ‘Imperial Distortion’, the stark, dark ambient / isolationist soundcapes of Thomas Köner or Autechre operating in their absolute darkest of modes. I'm also reminded of Iannis Xenakis's bleak 1960 masterpiece 'Orient-Occident'. Although I wouldn’t directly compare ‘Liesma’ to any of those artists as Seaes soundworlds are idiosyncratic - a unique journey deep into the abyss.

The sound palette is often unsettling and cold but the ice is occasionally shattered and melted by rays of bright light which makes ‘Liesma’ very appealing. Although on the surface it is machine music it’s also very human music as Douglas’s thoughts, feelings and raw emotions are captured through the circuits. Emotions are a very difficult thing to control and in some ways I feel that Chris’s production skills allow him to control his deepest emotions and innermost thoughts, bringing him back from the edge using a musical language he has been refining over many years. The resulting audio mirrors the complexity of these emotions; perhaps the often fractured nature of the music feels like attempting to grasp something out of reach that keeps breaking apart. ‘06. 08.6’ is like a sensory overload of manic confusion beyond control, climaxing in visceral machine noise. As the flow of tracks progresses it becomes increasingly hallucinogenic. The album closes with the fragile melancholy of '12. 08.11' bringing a sense of hope and beauty in contrast to the doom where ‘Liesma’ first left off. I think of this as being REAL techno. Techno doesn’t have to be about the dancefloor, or drugs, to me techno is the interface between man and machine - tools utilized to portray what is in your soul. ‘Liesma’ demonstrates the artist is particularly gifted in this respect. How does he make this music???

‘Liesma’ is so brilliantly executed that it makes that most intimate connection between artist and listener and although it is synthesized music it is unmistakably Chris Douglas’s voice. If like myself you’ve been following his music for some years you can understand this complex musical language and feel like your looking into a window of the the man behind the musics mind, you don’t need track titles to tell you what to think or feel, it’s all there in the sounds - afterall music is the universal language of us mortals.

If you’re a fan of Dalglish’s ‘Benacah Drann Deachd’ or the recent Scald Rougish ‘Bytreqw’ album on ICASEA then picking up one of these limited CD's hand-numbered of 110 copies is highly recommended as I rank ‘Liesma’ up there with Coil’s (whom I adore) finest moments which is high praise, no hyperbole intended. This is how it should be done - One mans life through sound with blatant disregard for genre, style or fashion. As always, fresh and futuristic electronic music from this visionary producer.

9/10 TFI Friday Customer review, 16th August 2013

Brilliant new electronic music.

Lovely packaging.
Really glad I bought this..
My most listened to album of the year so far.
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