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Inga Copeland
Don't Look Back, That's Not Where You're Going

Vinyl 12". World Music.

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8/10 from on 01 March 2013

Nothing...Not. A. Sausage. No band name, no title. Just a picture of a girl. Please put your names on your records. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Any teaching assistants out there - do you despair when the children don’t have their names on their coats? Anyway I’m going to review it not knowing who it is, then I’m completely unbiased.

The music is a strange burbling mess with fizzy synths playing a melody line as a kind of ‘hook’. The vocals are pretty good, kind of eastern sounding. The second track ups the ante somewhat, I’m reminded a little of the kraut grooves of later Portishead as it bounces along, the synths have a woozy, wobbly feel and the vocals again are ace. It reminds me of a few people...but who? I’m now on the side without a girl on the picture. This is possibly the A side. It’s got a Tricky-ish paranoid trip hop thing going on. It drifts into a neat little chorus bit with some low drone organs.

I’ve now found out who it is by. I should have known. The record is by Inga Copeland who is the one out of Hype Williams who isn’t the man, Dean Blunt. I am kind of suprised and not. It’s really assured stuff, totally dissimilar to the woozy, disjointed but brilliant recent-ish Dean Blunt album. Recommended.


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Don't Look Back, That's Not Where You're Going by Inga Copeland. Vinyl 12". WMB.

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