Parquet Courts back when we thought they'd only have one name and stick to it. Press release says this is their debut wikipedia says different but whatever, it was something of a revelation on release, the pre-press on What's Your Rupture gaining the band a deservedly larger fan base who quickly got sucked into their late '70s-style garage rock and new wave.  

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Repress LP on What's Your Rupture.

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Sexy US LP on What's Yr Rupture, Final copies!.

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Double CD pack on What's Your Rapture. Inc. 'Light Up Gold' and 'Tally All The Things That You Broke'.

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CD on Mom+Pop / What's Your Rupture.

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Light Up Gold by Parquet Courts
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10/10 Mike 19 February 2013

I’m convinced this lot have impressed me before somewhere but this seems to be the first of their records we’ve stocked so who knows where I previously encountered them. That’s not important, though. What’s important is that we’ve got their debut LP right here in our office to sell to you, and it’s really good. They’re one of those bands who throw together a hundred different influences into something which sounds deceptively casual.

In essence it’s a slacker post-punk record of the sort Chris Leo would probably make if he didn’t hate himself so much, all Sonic Youth chug, louche spoken vocals and chiming repeato riffs. The hypnotic warmth of the repetitive guitar work is reminding me of some recent UK youngsters like Cold Pumas and/or Sauna Youth, but the vocal phrasing is more Pissed Jeans, although delivered in the manner of a man who has found something cool and wants to alert his friends rather than that of a bitter vagrant laying into you for not buying him booze at the offie. Actually there is a stab at “proper singing” on ‘No Ideas’ and it immediately makes me want him to go back to the talky thing he does; he’s much better at that. Overall this is brilliant stuff, though, and just in time for the weather to get a bit better. Warm post-punk with rambling vocals and most importantly great songs.

9/10 Martin 24th December 2013

Parquet Courts absolutely fucking rock. Their sound is a perfectly honed combination of 60's garage, 70's proto-punk, and good ol' fashioned rock so great it'll probably make your brain explode. Light up Gold, their official debut (though not their first release) is a short but sweet rollercoaster of an album that manages something rare - you love it at first listen. A lot of albums, especially these days, are growers that take more effort than I can be bothered with to enjoy. Not here. Soon as you put it on it grabs you by the balls and forces you to listen. It's not that it's particularly heavy, but there's no denying it rocks, and, frankly, if you don't love it from the first damn note then there's probably a good chance that your deaf (or a One Direction fan, but that's technically the same difference...). Although plenty of people have mentioned the Pavement influence, I also hear a bit of the Modern Lovers in the mix and maybe a bit of (early) Devo. It's a short collection of songs, only half an hour in length, and most of the songs are only a minute or two in length (the longest, Stoned and Starving is massive 5 minutes!) but it'll definitely leave you wanting more. They've also released an EP, Tally all the Things you Broke, and a full length demo album, American Specialties, both of which are well worth getting your hands on while you can.

10/10 Roel Customer rating (no review), 20th February 2020



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