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Vinyl LP. Record Makers

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  • Limited numbered LP + Hardcover vinyl book on Record Makers (REC86LTD)
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  • Repress LP on Record Makers (REC86)
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9/10 Staff review, 28 February 2013

French synth-house wizard Kavinsky has been circling the block in his Ferrari Testarossa for several years now, sizing up the scene and honing his super-slick chops to perfection until now, finally, seven years after his debut EP, his debut full-length is finally here in the office for us to whack our ears around (although we’re still waiting on the fancy deluxe version at the time of writing).

As you would expect from one of the men behind the universally acclaimed ‘Drive’ soundtrack, this is a record full of crisp synthpop with fat beats and bright, soaring tones, arranged with an epic attention to detail which makes for the kind of record that makes you feel like a king wandering around with it on your headphones or even better blasting it from your car. Kavinsky takes the neon future-electro kick of Daft Punk or Justice and mixes in the phat sleaziness of hip-hop (particularly when he incorporates rappers like in ‘Suburbia’) and some Vangelis/Jean-Michel Jarre-esque pure synth worship.

If I have a complaint it’s that by the end perhaps the extreme polish can make it seem a bit plasticky and homogenous in places, but this guy has a clearly defined style of his own and he pulls it off with no small amount of cool. You’ll probably be able to impress girls with it.

10/10 Customer review, 13th November 2013

For me it has to be one of the best vinyls I have ever bought. I have shared this with my friends and they all are amazed how awesome this album is. It makes you rob a bank in the middle of the rainy night and you feel good while you are doing this.

First when I opened it, I was really surprised that it has hardcover (not soft cover like usually - and i realized it's limited edition version so that is really something here), secondly I realized why it has the hardcover - it's basically a book - with pages filled with art from the movie that soundtrack it never was. Of course there are some extra "postcards" inside the first sleeve too - don't know what is the main purpose for those but I guess they can be butted on the wall etc.

The whole album sounds amazing as well it looks. No pops or crackles. I never heard any distortion, sibilance or inner groove problems either. This thing was pressed perfectly. This is one that I’ll be dropping on my turntable frequently.

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Outrun by Kavinsky. Vinyl LP. REC86LTD.

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Outrun by Kavinsky. Vinyl LP. REC86.

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