Ambiente by Fluorescent Grey

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CD box set £29.99

Ltd 3CD set in custom wooden box on Record Label Records / Cataclyst. Edn of 100 hand-numbered copies inc. 35 art cards.

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Ambiente by Fluorescent Grey
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9/10 Ant 25 January 2013

We are very fortunate to be able to bring you this Norman Records exclusive. A co-release between the Record Label Records imprint and Cataclyst. A hand numbered edition of 100 copies comprising of a staggering fifty three tracks and a running time of just under four hours.

Fluorescent Grey A.K.A California resident Robbie Martin has been releasing his distinctive brand of electronic music since 1996 when he self released a cassette limited edition of one single copy entitled 'Please Do Not Buy This Recording'. From the offset he's never played the game or followed the rules. This consistently unconventional approach has made him a truly idiosyncratic player yet somehow he seems to hover just below the radar when it comes to getting props. If there's any justice in this world this could all be about to change.

'Ambiente' is a three CD set expertly mastered by Thomas Dimuzio and housed in a custom wooden box. Each disc comes in a hand stamped heavy card slip-case adorned with graphics (Kelly Porter and Sam Buchanan) that correspond to the psychedelic art on the discs and contains 35 art cards featuring photography, painting, collages, and cgi by Fluorescent Grey, Abby Martin, and David Mulqueen. On first glimpse the cards are great eye candy but when viewed accompanied by the audio they serve as another piece of the puzzle and bring you a step closer to Fluorescent Grey's vision.  Featuring collaborations with Djynnx of Nommo Ogo, Dimentia, and also RLR crew; Thomas Dimuzio, Scuzi, Mike Dunkley, Brian English and Black Fuhrer. Don't be mislead by the title into thinking this is merely a collection of modern ambient tracks. That couldn't be further from the truth. This music has little in common with contemporary "ambient" music, rather it has an affinity with the schools of classic electronic music; Pierre Schaeffer, Tod Dockstader, Luc Ferrari, Morton Subotnick, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pauline Oliveros etc. albeit working with more advanced technology.

Disc one was composed between 2005-2008 and is sprinkled with the reside of Fluorescent Grey's complex post-IDM creations. However here the mangled beats are traded for advanced synthesis and trademark cutting edge sound design techniques which on 'Smearing Tones' to my ears depict scenes where circuits drip with slime; semi organic/ semi-synthetic beings communicating through an alien language. After its almost ten minute duration I came round fearing I'd got the ole anal probe. When the track merges into the superbly dark 'Splatterbient' it's possible to detect hints of an Autechre influence. However, throughout the disc it's apparent that Robbie is really carving out his own path, save the odd wink to some influences on this particular disc. Up next is 'Bird's Nest' which is a recording of nesting chicks captured with fidelity and clarity Chris Watson would be proud of. The title track has me envisioning red skies underneath which an alien race congregate around a monolith while conducting a sacred ritual. 'Grand Piano Windchime Machine' is a breathtaking electro-acoustic composition with rapidly fluttering layered keys coming across like a cyborg Cecil Taylor on amphetamines. The piece has an almost elegiac quality where I imagine the soul of a departed human leaving it's body and making it's transition to the stars at hyper-speed. 'Sorcerer's' features DJynxx and is a delicious post kosmische sci-fi trip that leads into the bubbling liquid sonics of 'Ice Berg Marimba'.

Following that vivid tour of the solar system the second disc (created between 2009-2001) 'Uncanny Valley' is a journey inwards, a journey of the mind. One where nothing is quite as it seems. A journey where sound alone can create altered states. Here Robbie employs technology that emulates acoustic sound simulations resulting in hallucinatory almost tangible sounds that demand respectable volume. The lines between the organic and synthetic are scrunched up, smudged and blurred beyond recognition. Initially things are a little disorientating but once tuned in it's a real trip. 'Raspberry Armonica' is particularly beautiful, the image I'm given is one of delicate robotic butterflies gently fluttering through a cosmic breeze. 'Dragger Zamak' is equally as majestic sounding like a malfunctioning music box smothered in and being controlled by ectoplasm. The tracks on 'Uncanny Valley' recall the spirit and adventurous experimentation of the INA GRM studios emissions. sounding like they've been remixed and beamed in from the mixing desk of some alien craft light years away. Thinking of the underlying creative process becomes unfathomable. Twenty Four tracks in all with a phenomenal amount to absorb it will stand the test of time and constantly reward over repeated listens.

'Ritual At The Super Volcano' consists of the most recent material which is from 2012. It opens with a hilarious answer machine conversation recording before mutating into a plethora of processed field recordings of animals and the bubbling of Yellowstone Park's super volcano. This is perhaps the darkest, gloomiest disc of the three with the cavernous black drones and avant metal of 'Virtual Black Mass' leading into the longing, melancholy of 'Eirual' followed by the future chaos of 'Static Pipes'. Then there's the low frequency oscillations and interference of 'Greydropped' that builds to a thrilling conclusion. The deranged malfunctioning acid of 'Farewell Arp2600' and two outstanding untitled tracks which are personal highlights. Finally we reach an ultra dramatic conclusion which is a startling recording of a protest that recalls Tony Conrad's recording of a Vietnam protest outside his window (Bryant Park Moratorium Rally - 1969). As well as the political connotations it illustrates and harnesses the true power of sound. Close your eyes and you could be right there in what is both an exciting and terrifying situation.

Each disc in the set works as vibrant individual albums but when taken in together they form a complete picture. With so many ideas and so much audio it could have got messy, but it's clear that things have been meticulously refined with strong attention to detail running through everything from the packaging, titles and sequencing of the tracks. The product of seven years work, commitment, knowledge, skill, imagination, vision and passion. Ambiente is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates Robbie's dedication to, and true love of electronic music. 'Ambiente' challenges our perception of sound and is a fictional glimpse of the sonic possibilities of distant worlds, their landscapes, and inhabitants  as well as an astute study of the sonics and lifeforms of our own planet; from a squawking chick to a girl talking about throwing up. Highly recommended for true electronic music connoisseurs.


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