In Miserum Stercus by Kyle Bobby Dunn

In Miserum Stercus by Kyle Bobby Dunn was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £19.99 K0M1N0-003

Ltd. LP w/DL on Komino.

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In Miserum Stercus by Kyle Bobby Dunn
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9/10 ReviewBot3000 22 January 2013

Minimalist droner Kyle Bobby Dunn has spent years honing his patient, celestial craft, carving precise melodic swells of treated guitar, and this new LP is no different, although in the press release he does describe it as “the most sombre and depressing music I’ve ever made”. It’s not too much of a bummer, though - in fact I’m finding it quite soothing and uplifting.

It’s very much in the mould of slow drifting melodic minimal types like Hakobune or Stars of the Lid, or perhaps Chihei Hatakeyama or a less sinister Deathprod. I’m particularly taken by the track ‘In Praise Of Tears’, whose mournful blurred chords slowly spell out a heartbreaking melody with a precision and emotional clarity that recalls Arvo Part. Dunn seems like a man who understands that silence is a powerful instrument in its own right, and is respectful as to what he breaks it with, and these soulful, expressive drones have a subtle but pervasive emotional resonance and warmth which so much music in the genre struggles to capture.

10/10 Chris Dooks 31st January 2013

This is a brilliant and focused piece - a melancholic yet 'proud' drone work. There's something defiant about it, noble even. For me it harked back to Tom Heasley's 'On The Sensations of Tone' - a disc I liked to drift off to, from back in the day. In an age where there's hundreds of Neo-Stars of The Lid-ers, this is somehow purer than that camp in that you can feel it is really from the heart, not just 'functional' drone. To be explicit, I share a label with KBD - Komino, but that's how I came into contact with him and so pleased I own a copy of the beautifully pressed record.


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