Revolver by The Beatles

Revolver by The Beatles is regarded by many as their best album. It’s the second album they made after giving up playing live and the use of studio trickery really began to enhance their concise pop. Originally released in 1966, it’s fair to say that this changed the shape of everything that came after it and is still doing so. Remastered 180g audiophile vinyl on Parlophone.

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Remastered 180g vinyl LP on EMI.

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Revolver by The Beatles
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9/10 Gordon Bradley 16th April 2017

Revolver was the best record the Beatles ever put out. They had mastered "rock and roll". They were free to explore and they did. They pushed the other bands, and artists of all types to be better, and all the music was better for their efforts. My country's popular music rose to being great as well. So, for about 15 years Canadians heard the British, American, and Canadian pop music as equals. In those times, and these times, as well, Yankees (Americans) sing drama, Canadian's sing and rock the modern stories of life, and the British (European) sing for and of the soul. But today's music for the public is completely controlled and held in laughable immaturity. Music is like that. Music is wonderful for awhile, and then it is not. I have to stop now, for I fear I won't be able to stretch the generalities any further.

10/10 Gregor Omelasz 14th January 2017

50 years old, an album from simpler times, and simply put, wonderful. This was The Beatles' first proper venture into experimental pop which they explored a little bit on 'Rubber Soul'. The Fab Four are possibly at their best here, it's hard to categorise a single Beatles album without mentioning the others, specifically 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' and 'The White Album', but this was probably the last album of theirs that was so obviously Beatles before the inevitable breakup. At the same time though, I'm grateful, we never would have gotten to the releases that followed without this, and they never came back to this structure again, for better or worse.

All things considered though, this is always one of my first picks when someone asks me my Top 10 albums of all time, the list of 10 probably changes year in year out, but this album is always in the list, and with good reason. People like to talk about The Beatles as if their records sound good for the time period they're from, but the fact of the matter is, their albums are still phenomenal, this included, and I'll be saying the same thing in 50 years time. Just buy it.

10/10 Penrith Steve 19th October 2014

How do you review Revolver?

I think it’s easy to dismiss the Beatles these days after 50 years plus of having them around and being compared to everything, but we shouldn't. In certain circles, this is regarded as the Beatles best and it’s hard to argue with. It’s a mixture of the brilliant, “And Your Bird Can Sing”, “She Said, She Said”, “I’m Only Seeping”, the beautiful “Here, There And Everywhere”, “For No One”, the experimental “Tomorrow Never Knows” and the silly, “Yellow Submarine”. It is this mix that is the essence of the Beatles.

Absolutely Essential, but you probably didn't need me to tell you that.



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