Live In Munchen, Germany 17/11/69 by Amon Duul

Live In Munchen, Germany 17/11/69 by Amon Duul was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £19.99 B169

Green Vinyl LP on B13.

Sold out.



Live In Munchen, Germany 17/11/69 by Amon Duul
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6/10 Kristof 21st August 2014

I'm fairly certain that this is actually a bootleg of the Amon Duul LP "Collapsing Singvogel and Ruckwarts",. Since that LP was famously culled from a monster jam session (along with 3 other LPs), I suppose it is technically Live in Munchen... but there is no crowd noise, and the ,music has clearly been edited. The personnel given on the insert are all ADII types and this must be ADI playing here. I think it's been mastered from vinyl - there is a lock groove on side 1 which hasn't been re-cut, they just let it run for about 4 minutes and then faded it out.

Musically, it is a lot of hippies probably sitting in a circle playing hand drums. There are bits of guitar wash or wailing vocals over the top here and there. Sunburned Hand of the Man must have got a lot of their ideas here. The tracks are generally 3-4 minutes long and the whole thing is over in 34 minutes (not including the 4 minute lock groove run out horror) so interest barely has time to wane. Considering the cost of obtaining a proper copy of this album, you should hear it.

9/10 Vinyl Kurt Customer rating (no review), 2nd September 2019


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