A Correction by Fieldhead

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A Correction by Fieldhead
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9/10 Clinton 19 October 2012

On the ever dependable Gizeh records, first up it must be said that the packaging is spot on superb, on delicious 180 gram vinyl with download code and when you open it all up, loads of bits of card etc fall out. Tremendous.

Fieldhead, for the uninitiated, is one Paul Elam, one-time Leeds resident who during the making of this album was settled in Western Canada. The geographic location has certainly had an impact on the sound he produces, whereas debut ‘They Shook Hands For Hours’ was a series of broken loops, shot through with the kind of rainy introspection only living in Leeds can bring, this second record (notwithstanding the interim Grouper-ish EP ‘Riser‘ ) takes the sound to a more windswept, snow bound location. It often sounds like an amalgamation of all your favourite electronic artists from Boards of Canada to Grouper to William Basinski, immediately enjoyable warm organic loop based electronica.

The title track begins in full on Boards of Canada mode before revealing more complex cut and paste chopped electronica but the side A standout is surely ‘Neon Ugly’ which for the first few minutes trundles along pleasantly but without major incident before exploding into a gorgeous...dare I say it...chorus. On the flip ‘Harris’ (Liz?) blends eerie eerie frozen drones with effective stabbed violin samples. The final two tracks make more use of the violin of Elaine Reynolds wandering in and out, on top of and through the electronic debris therefore sounding not unlike The Caretaker remixing the Fargo soundtrack. Highly recommended slow burning late night melancholic electronica that makes you wish for cold, still winter nights, a log cabin and snow on the ground.

9/10 PAUL SLYDEL 3rd April 2014

It can be a feast and a delight to take a journey into the musical unknown sometimes. I have been a big fan of Loscil, Scott Morgan, who's work i have divoured with relish, making his music both background and equally dominate on most every sound system i use. At work, home, in the car or on the mp3 player, there's been an almost a daily playing of Loscil for some years now. When i heard of His split EP release with Fieldhead, Fury and Hecla (limited and now sold out!), which coincided with their shared European tour at the beginning of this year. I bought it without the need to give a close listen, knowing i would be buying some music i would like anyway. To my delight i found that not only did Loscil live up to my expectations, but the Fieldhead, new to me, did exactly the same. The six tracks sounded strangely similar to each other, despite there being two seperate musicians, playing three seperate tracks. However I believe they shared sounds/samples with each other throughout the recording of the EP. Such was my delight to find a new artist that i liked so instantly, that it took very little presuasion, and a little of a financial gamble to buy both Fieldhead's critically acclaimed album They Shook Hands for Hours (Home Assembly Music, 2009) and A Correction on Vinyl. And i am glad i did. With all of 9 tracks taking on that far away landscape sounds, quite similar to Loscil, and no wonder as they both where residents of Vancouver, Canada, at the time. Sweeoing so effortlessly from track to another quite inperceptably, like looking back at summer from the perspective of winter, having only just noticed the seasons have changed. What starts as a few seconds of bearly perceptable field recording, and journeys through Memory Band like whimsical Voilins and Tim Hecker Icelandic church organs finishing the journey with a heartbeat and strings. It's a journey i'm glad i took, and a journey i am happy to repeat. Which, for the moment has left Loscil at home.


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