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Paul Levinson
Twice Upon A Rhyme

Vinyl LP. Salvation Records

  • Vinyl LP £20.49 + shipping
  • Ltd (50) LP reissue in screenprinted sleeve on The Sound Of Salvation (SOS001S)
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8/10 Staff review, 19 September 2012

Here’s an incredibly limited (only 50 copies!) reissue of Paul Levinson’s sought-after pop rarity from 1972, Twice Upon A Rhyme, which comes lovingly packaged in a brand new screenprinted sleeve design, with inserts containing lyrics and further information. Very lovely package.

The music itself mixes the psychedelic pop of the ‘60s, a dash of Simon & Garfunkel and some expansive and imaginative arrangements which recall the Beach Boys or even Burt Bacharach in places. There’s a real warmth and love running through these cuts, which were all recorded over period of ‘69 to ‘71 in various New York studios and the quality of the recordings and arrangements is consistently very high. It’s clearly a labour of love and the tones and hooks captured still sound appealing, smooth and soulful. It’s no surprise this is such a sought-after lost gem - if you want one then I reckon it’s a now or never situation with a pressing this small.

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Twice Upon A Rhyme by Paul Levinson. Vinyl LP. SOS001S.

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