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Gyratory System
John Frum / 1968

CD single. Rare Breed Discs

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8/10 Staff review, 23 August 2012

This is just what I needed right now. Right from the outset on this EP we’re treated to a barrage of bright, bouncy melodic synth, building up in insistent looped layers for a shuddering mechanical pop onslaught which is indulgently melodic but relentlessly pumping too. In the start it’s reminding me a little of Apparat Organ Quartet but we quickly head into darker and more hypnotic territory than their rock-based synth exploits, instead creating something which seems to have one foot in experimental minimal pop and the other in ‘90s happy hardcore.

As obnoxious as that might sound, the artful way in which these slow-burning acid-fried pulse-pop cuts have been constructed makes for a listen that’s as fun and danceable as it is cerebral and wonky, with the distant spy-movie chords and frenzied glitchtronic backing of ‘1968’ being a personal highlight. In places it’s almost like Pseudo Nippon laid off the novelty side of his act and tried to make something a bit more grown up. Both hyperactive and hypnotic, aggressive and restrained, Gyratory System has created some truly intriguing hyperkraut madness here. It sounds like pop music made by my own kind; robots.

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John Frum / 1968 by Gyratory System. CD single. RB04.

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