World Music by Goat

The debut record by insane Swedish rockers Goat, highly recommended for everybody who loves squealing guitars, screaming ladies, and catchy afrobeat grooves. Combining psychedelic rock with lots of ethnic rhythms, World Music scored highly in many of 2012’s end-of-the-year lists. Great volumes of tribal distortion on this one.

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World Music by Goat
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10/10 Brian 01 August 2012

Ahhhh, the mysterious Goat from Korpolombolo in Sweden!

Yes, if there was a proper buzz band for 2012 it's these cultists and we're not talking what the bloody BBC would have you believe is exciting - this is the sound of the underground lighting a pyre for these dark, troubled times and then having a massive ritualistic gathering around it. The sound of squalling psych riffs blended with scratchy, heavy disco-tinged art-rock and celebratory chanting.

Amongst this delicious spread of songs you'll spot distinct shades of black mass-era Rolling Stones, Can-esque krautrock, fleeting glimpses of ominous Scandinavian folk and countless rugged 'n' funky African-inspired rhythms. This last element especially nails the album's floor-filling tribal-style backbone and elevates it to somewhere very unique and groovy indeed!

In lesser hands the genre-splicing nature of this stunning album could have resulted in quite a directionless mess but thankfully 'World Music' is an out-of-the-blue underground rock masterpiece and stamps deliriously all over the current stale climate in big furry Viking boots - there's not been one record this year that's united the office quite like 'World Music' has managed and it genuinely leaves me welling up with emotion, such is the transcendental power and uniting spirit of the thing!

So yeah, once again I've craftily whipped a CD from under the marauding sensors of our music-devouring ReviewBot3000 machine (whose fizzgog-branded motto is, "If it ain't bolted to the floor I will review it, properly, and with no punctuation errors!") and brought it home so I can play it mega-loud for about the 20th time and feel utterly amazing again. 'World Music' gets consistently better with each airing, see, it's like a psychotropic drug and there's not many records made these days that have that raw energy and durability.

Everything is perfectly in place here from well-segued samples and the odd field recording to the breathless running order. It's hit after flipping hit with this band, they've concocted an alarmingly poppy creation filled with nine all-too brief excursions into a voodoo world where Swedish psychedelia meets belting Afro-rock and parties like there's no tomorrow. Please, like with all your favourite albums, play it ridiculously loud, then, undoubtedly, re-rewind and crank it up again till dawn and beyond. Goat are worth falling out with your neighbours for.

9/10 Henry Zoonka 4th July 2014

Debut albums can be an archive of a band's creative raw essence, practice, dynamics and ideas distilled down into a heady offering that shines bright and stands the test of time like an ancient monolith. This is precisely what 'World Music' embodies. The LP sleeve is a beautifully crafted piece of design with die cut apertures revealing the inner slip, melding together two layers of colour and pattern housing a transparent 12" vinyl disc. To the music... moonlit occult jams, African rhythms, psych-outs, heavy guitar distortion, vocal chants and infectious lyrics all captured with a no frills garage rock feel to the proceedings. 'Run To Your Mama' is driven by tribal skins empowering a war cry vocal with guitar reminiscent of The Cream, it's a short burst and delivers a power punch of energy and demands repeat plays. For a band that doesn't sit and write songs rather jam out ideas the talent is glowing; 'Goatman' strides with drum splashes, female chants, loops of percussion, growling and searing guitars all combined by sonic alchemy (this turn of phrase may be used liberally in music reviews but here it is totally justified). If Hunter S Thompson drove a time travelling DeLorean this album would be playing on repeat and loud enough to shake bats from the sky, whilst hurtling toward the horizon stripping away to reveal a jaw dropping scene of otherworldly majesty.

The band are marching to their own shamanic drum and mowing a fertile meadow with a Norse goat god whose eyes are portals to a psychedelic multiverse. 10/10 is utter perfection, which is as rare as hen's teeth, and I would've eagerly given 9.5 alas the rating system presents me with the option of granting 9/10. This album is an essential.

8/10 Stephen Customer rating (no review), 18th June 2019
10/10 Anon Customer rating (no review), 16th September 2016



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