Eugenie by Philippe Petit

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Eugenie by Philippe Petit
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8/10 Mike 06 June 2012

Dark lord of weirdness Philippe Petit’s got a new one again. I’m sure he only just did a new one but that’s how these outsider types work sometimes isn’t it? Anyway, on the first side of these ten inches there’s three songs of his soundtracky neoclassical ambience, with unsettling drones and clanks alongside plenty of live strings for an incredibly atmospheric and immersive ride.

I’m finding second track ‘Clapoutique’ particularly lovely, like Dakota Suite instrumentals deconstructed by Nurse With Wound on one of their less confrontational days. Chunks of pathos and unease nestling together in a kind of disconnected symbiosis. The organic emphasis on the first three tracks reminds me of the Rain Drinkers in places too, and I wish more things reminded me of them.

On the second side there’s a single extended passage of more dark ambient weirdness featuring just Petit and his daughter Eugenie, after whom this EP was named, providing voices (but it’s hard to pick out where). It’s got lots of hisses and rumbles and static crackles slowly and malevolently looping around for a throbbing bit of paranoia that reminds me a little of Decimus. There’s snippets of melody in there but they seem ornamental and distant, like something happening in the room where you’re sleeping while you’re trapped in a dream. It goes a bit Caretakery in places and is generally lengthy and sinister. I think I personally prefer the more neoclassical-leaning stuff on the first side myself but this is all accomplished and detailed work from a talented man.



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