Nowhere by Ride

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Ride’s debut, they are re-releasing Nowhere with loads of extra goodies. With an expanded 15-track version of the album, as well as live recordings from their concert at London's Town & Country Club in March 1991. As well as a photo booklet. All wrapped up in some pretty special packaging.

CD £28.99 RIDEMSC02L

Remastered + expanded CD + DVD set on Ride Music. Packaged in hardback cardboard CD case with canvas-style cover and 36-page booklet.

Sold out.

Vinyl Double LP £28.99 RIDEMSC02LPX

Remastered + expanded heavyweight blue vinyl, gatefold 2LP on Ride Music. Edition of 2000 numbered copies.

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Sold out.

Vinyl LP £17.99 RIDEMSC2LP

Reissue LP on Ride Music - single LP edition.

Sold out.

CD £8.49 RIDEMSC02

Reissue CD on The Ride Partnership.

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Nowhere by Ride
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7/10 Clinton 02 November 2015

Back in the days when shoegaze didn't involve the wearing of trilby hats, four young puppyish teenagers hailing from Oxford burst onto the scene creating a kind of tween-friendly shoegaze-lite that was sonically and visually appealing yet wasn't as goddamn weird as My Bloody Valentine. For one thing you didn't think something was wrong with your record player when you played it. They also added ear-friendly influences from the '60s with spacey melodies and tambourines.  

Listening to 'Nowhere' now the main thing to note is how rock and roll it sounds compared to bands like Slowdive. They have guitar wig outs... they use a FLANGE pedals for God's sake. On opener 'Seagull' the vocals are typically of-it's-era floor gazingly boyishly grim yet the band rock like some kind of '70's monolithic cock-rockers tacking on the kind of electrifying conclusion that one should only be attempted live. 'Kaleidoscope' marries their penchant for Byrds-like descending melodies and pummelling drumming but is so of it's time that it hurts. The thing is Ride never sound timeless, they still sound like how exactly a talented shoegaze band sounded in 1990 but that will be part of the appeal for those who will buy this. Phil disagrees thinking that the superior production keeps it sounding fresh. What we both agree on is that the drums are heavily compressed and fucking loud -- they sound like the kind of drums you get in a live arena at soundcheck time. "It's ok, they will dampen down when people turn up", the sound engineer will say unconvincingly. 

Gardener's soppy vocals don't help. My Bloody Valentine hid their lyrics but Ride didn't so you can hear clearly lines that are jam full of cliche particularly on 'Vapour Trail' which is pure 6th form poetry. Musically you can almost guess every move before it happens - 'In A Diffferent Place' is like a home counties Stone Roses but you just know that someone is going to step on the distortion pedal come the chorus…you can almost hear their foot edging towards it. 

So why does 'Nowhere' still have appeal? For one nostalgia -- it will probably remind plenty of 40 somethings of that romantic encounter at University or of spilling Newcastle Brown Ale all over yourself dancing to 'God Knows It's True'. Listening to it today it's easy to forget that it was made 25 years ago but what it did was blend a lot of slightly more unpalatable bands (MBV, Pale Saints) into an acceptable whole. 

Comes in two editions -  CD + DVD set with bonus tracks and a DVD of some kind of live performance and a 2 LP with bonus tracks.

10/10 Phil Wilson 25th February 2016

Now onto my fourth version of Nowhere (the original, the remaster with bonus tracks, the US anniversary edition with Live at the Roxy CD, and this one), it's an album I could never tire of. My first introduction to 'indie' music on the day of its release, it changed me from pop to rock and is an album I regularly come back to and immerse myself in again. Played to perfection on last years Nowhere 25 tour, and this version being augmented with the Today Forever EP tracks, this is the version to buy. Whilst the packaging and the DVD comes at a premium, it was produced in limited numbers and great care has been taken in producing this quality version. Get it while you still can.

Now all we need is a Ride box set, or some more live material released. Here's hoping.

9/10 Hannah Customer rating (no review), 31st December 2016


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