Go Around, Again by Black Eagle Child

Go Around, Again by Black Eagle Child was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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New LP from your favourite twinkly blissmonger on Under The Spire..

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Go Around, Again by Black Eagle Child
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9/10 Mike 28 May 2012

A year or so ago we got a Black Eagle Child record, ‘Pages On A Plane’, in from Under The Spire and it turned into my soundtrack for walking around Leeds that summer, totally blissful looped guitar picking with gently optimistic melodic shapes that always seem to nudge me into a better frame of mind. Made my end-of-year top ten and everything - we’ve still got some copies in stock at the time of writing and this is a perfect time of year to buy one if you ask me!

Anyway, on this new one he’s heading a little away from the guitar-centric sound of that album and heading into more multi-instrumental territory. Opener ‘Sun Cylinder’ takes up the entire first side with gentle guitar twinkle loops and shimmering synths, beepy modular arpeggios and field recordings and a sound I can’t place that’s a bit like a weird tinny submerged piano. It’s a looong, slowly morphing, warmly enveloping astral-pastoral delight.

Flip it and there’s three more songs. ‘Running Around The Room’ has bass drums and hand claps carving out a basic shuffling rhythm with what I think are little electronic beats (but might be live cymbal loops), xylophone tinkles, wah guitar and overall summer bong vibes, even coming across like Sylvester Anfang II in carefree-good-vibes mode towards the end. Well psychedelic. ‘Phrases of the Moon’ then comes in with some gentle banjo picking before a pulsing bass drum comes in and we’re in blissfully soft, dusky jam territory. Then the set is closed off with ‘Eighteen and Six’, with stumbling, hypnotic loops of piano and cymbal tinkles, joined towards the end by subtly shimmering guitar.

Despite the fact that the tone palette has been broadened this time around, the simplicity and warmth of the music this man creates remains second to none, and he really stands out from all the other one-man-and-a-loop-pedal types thanks to a combination of restraint and a nifty instinct for textural and melodic warmth. Like Dustin Wong without the showiness or early D.T. Broughton without the vocals or chilly northern vibes. An absorbing, relaxing and hypnotic listen which is packed with personality. Highly recommended.


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