Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Cliff Martinez / Various

If you've seen the movie Drive then you'll know that the soundtrack is something pretty special. It was mostly produced by Cliff Martinez who has had a storied history as drummer for hire in the likes of Captain Beefheart and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This however is a gorgeous synthetic affair which also features tracks by the likes of Chromatics and Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx. Brought to vinyl and taep by Invada. 

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Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Cliff Martinez / Various
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9/10 Li'l Biz 01 June 2012

The film Drive was one of the big success stories of 2011 but it was the soundtrack that really interested me. I’ve heard it played out a little recently and was super pleased when I heard Geoff Barrow’s Invada label were picking up the vinyl release. Cliff Martinez takes care of the majority of incidental synth music with the addition of full on euro style synthpop from Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (‘Nightcall’), Desire (‘Under Your Spell’), College ft. Electric Youth (the main theme ‘Real Hero’), Chromatics (‘Tick Of The Clock’) and Riz Ortolani ft. Katyna Ranieri (‘Oh My Love’).

These tracks make up the majority of the side A of the LP and serve as an excellent reminder of how good straight forward synthpop can be. ‘Real Hero’, for all it’s lyrical corniness, is an absolute gem and serves the film excellently in setting the atmosphere and tone. ‘Nightcall’ is also a class act with it’s squelchy bass line, steady pace and blown out robo-vocal and, as I’m sure you can imagine, Chromatics totally T.C.B with a blistering Carpenter-esque mood piece that eases you into the incidental tracks that make up the rest of the album. This is where Martinez takes over with fourteen chilling ambient pieces that serve as the sonic backdrop to the majority of the film’s action.

These icy synth driven drones and minimalist soundscapes are wrought with tension and reflect the undercurrent of quiet violence that permeates ‘Drive’ as well as serving as fantastic tunes in there own right. All these factors combined makes for one of the most balanced and enjoyable soundtracks I’ve heard in some time. Martinez is also a totally fucking cool guy. Not only did he play drums on the first two Red Hot Chilli Peppers LP’s but he’s also the drummer on Beefheart’s super underrated ‘Ice Cream For Crow’ and the Dickies ‘Killer Clowns From Outer Space’ EP as well as scoring a bunch of other mad decent films and playing with the likes of Lydia Lunch and The Weirdos. Total dude basically.

10/10 Harriet 21st October 2015

Everyone knows Drive ... well apparently. I hadn't seen it and my boyfriend nearly left me when he found out. Anyway, I was promptly sat down and made to watch it - and I have to say, it is brilliant - but the most brilliant thing is the music.

We both love listening to proper records so as we recently moved in together I wanted to get him a gift and this seemed perfect. They were sold out everywhere (for literally 3 months whilst we waited for the reprint - its so popular even now!) - Norman Records were brilliant throughout the process, keeping me informed ... I suppose it turns out that the PAIN & delays involved in buying a property were welcome at this point, as the gift was so delayed.

Anyway, I digress ... I have never seen an adult man look so pleased with such a small gesture. He is 30 and squealed like a little boy who'd just got a puppy when he opened it. We listened to it straight away and its been on the needle ever since. It is probably the best album ever, and its so perfect as a record, as no song is a 'skip me' song ... which is useful on a record, as who can be arsed to skip on Vinyl.

Fully recommend the album, and Norman Records for finally uniting me with it :-)



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