Street Halo EP / Kindred EP by Burial

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CD on Beat Records / Hyperdub. Includes full length versions, packaged in jewel case with Japanese Obi Strip.

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Street Halo EP / Kindred EP by Burial
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9/10 Clinton 22 November 2012

Clintony scrawled this enthused gush-forth 'bout Street Halo:

Here he comes to save the day. As dubstep slowly morphs into chilled out electronic pop (Darkstar), wibbling coffee table nonsense (Blake) or a cartoon version of itself (Coki), Burial re-appears from the shadows to attempt to regain the crown that he never really lost as no-one has really pushed things any further. 'Street Halo' pretty much continues where 'Untrue' left off with the usual eerie, late night atmospherics and sampled decayed soul vocals this time sparse and not overdone which they could be at times on 'Untrue', the main difference being some nice heavy bass rhythms which kick the track on and provide a much needed counterpoint to the simple beats. Its a lesson in 4/4 repetition, the track only develops slightly throughout but exists on atmosphere and a pulsing nature. All of which makes the second track 'NYC' a little disappointing, a wishy washy half formed effort that sounds like Burial by numbers - irritatingly he's used the exact same snare sound from 'Street Halo' which adds to the overall sense of 'will this do?'. Thankfully the final tune 'Stolen Dog' is an absolute corker. It comes from that breed of melancholic, uber-haunting slowed down tracks that made large parts of 'Untrue' so rewarding. Nothing has changed in the formula, simple beats, gorgeous atmospheres, layered sampled vocals, its just cooked utterly to perfection. More of the same, yes, but when its this good who cares? Clint.

9/10 Ant 11 May 2012

Our Ant wrote this about the Kindred EP on 01 March 2012:

The internet almost collapsed when Hyperdub announced this new Burial 12". The arrival of a new release from this guy is always anticipated with excitement akin to a 4 year old on Christmas eve. Yet again he's delivered the goods. Opening with The title track 'Kindred' beginning with trademark crackle and those clanking metallic beats he does so well. All the ghostly sweet female soulful vocal snippets are present along with those longing atmospheres channeling the ghosts of rave/ hardcore/ garage. Many have tried to emulate the style but no producer has come close to the spirit that's encapsulated in his sound. The track breaks down with some haunting sweeping wind sounds and then kicks back in with the muted but gritty bass line. It's prime Burial for sure, not a massive departure from more recent material but it feels just a little more polished and refined. It's one of those tracks that illustrates perfectly why the artist is so revered, it has it's roots in the underground and will appeal to dub steppers, junglists etc. but it has that pop sensibility coupled with the juxtaposition of sadness and euphoria which has captured the hearts of listeners across the globe. A solid tune which closes with extended spooked atmospherics. Up next is 'Loner' opening with angelic synth sounds and a "There is something out there…" sample and then kicks in like something of an extension of his work on 'Untrue'. This is primed for the last tune of the night, all sweaty hugs on the dance floor just before the lights come on. It has elements of house, a smattering of haunted trance and like it's predecessor on the EP has a little breakdown before the groove kicks back in and the vocals become smothered in effects. There are lots of layers and detail in the production that reveal themselves with repeated listens. Just as the track peaks briefly things break right down and fade into relative emptiness. The highlight of the EP (almost a mini-album at 30 mins) is 'Ashtray Wasp' which has shuffling hi-hats and heavenly synth melodies underpinning sweet, sweet soul vocal snatches, chinking metallic sounds, eerie sub bass all warped around a decaying skeleton of a trance track. Things grind to a halt and then  switch gear a little as the track mutates slightly then returns to its original state and then later almost becomes a different track entirely albeit with a cohesive and seamless transition. All three cuts on here really feel like fully accomplished compositions as opposed to just "tracks". They demonstrate that although thematically things generally remain the same, Will Bevan is growing as an artist both in terms of vision and technical ability. His winning formula of distilling the last 20 years of UK underground dance music into blissed electronic soul is as potent as ever.



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