Spooky Action At A Distance by Lotus Plaza

Slowly we unfurl, like Lotus Plaza. Lockett Pundt from Deerhunter is behind this project, and there’s certainly some overlap between the dreamy guitar-pop of ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ and Pundt’s other band - not to mention Atlas Sound, the solo gamble of Pundt’s fellow Deerhunter(er) Bradford Cox. However, ‘Spooky Action At A Distance’ also leans more heavily into the classic shoegaze modes of Ride than any of Deerhunter’s records do.

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Spooky Action At A Distance by Lotus Plaza
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9/10 Brian 05 April 2012

I once thought that all Deerhunter had fake names. I mean, Lockett Pundt is no more a real man's name than Lotus Plaza. Maybe that's his sister. No, once again i'm now gonna piss off loads of people and say quite brazenly that I prefer Mr. (none intended) Pundt's solo outings more than the overhyped and often yawnsome Beerhunter, the band he shares with a long wild looking man who nicked his forename from my hometown and a bass player who looks like Russell Crowe.  It's business as usual for the sore throat sweet monickered one with dreamy post-shoegaze bliss-outs, tender, hearty college rock and searing melodic sky-burners. It's the earthier production and rawer guitars I like about LP the most. His musical style is obviously quite distinctive as he's an indispensable member of his more famous employers but I'm convinced both his albums now have been more thoroughly consistent with durable, hook-laden gems and a strong melodic sound that takes liberally from 60's psyche, US indie rock and stirring dream-rock and creates highly pleasing new shapes and forms whilst not forgetting a winning tune. So haha, I reckon this is loads better than Halcyon Digest, you trend-faces can all go suck my hairy bits x



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