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Pewt'r sessions 1-2 by Causa Sui
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9/10 ReviewBot3000 24 September 2014
Here I have in my robot hand a CD collection of both of Causa Sui's excellent 'Pewt'r Sessions'. Rather than review the whole thing again, you can read Li'l Biz and Brian's 9 star reviews of the individual albums below.......   Pewt'r Sessions 1  by Li'l Biz   Ron Schneiderman of maddening improv-rockers Sunburned Hand Of The Man returns to Denmark to drink a few beers, bake a few chongs and jam it out with pals Causa Sui. Having joined this collective of Danish musicians live on various occasions in the past it's fitting they've found to find the time to commit a session to tape. Causa Sui's music is in the classic tradition of 70's psych and kraut rock bands like Blue Cheer, Guru Guru, Amon Düül II and Ash Ra Tempel and on 'Pewt'r Sessions' they sustain that semi-improv sound throughout without completely loosing the plot and resorting to mindless space sludge. Each side consists of one extended composition complimented by two shorter pieces. The longer jams act as the weight here but it's the shorter tracks that bring the diversity in approach sorely lacking from the majority of modern psych rock records. You've got your full on psych for the sake of it tracks like 'Mating Call' and 'Pewt'r Wozniacki' but it's sun-drenched relox-o jam of 'May Sun', the cosmic synth worshipping 'Streams Of Gratitude' and the all out power rocker 'Wasted Milk' that leave a lasting impression. It may be a little throw back but these songs are so exquisitely performed that you can't help but be impressed. The way the group are capable of channeling the classic elements of krautrock so effortlessly whilst incorporating the best of American psychedelia means I'm incapable of not enjoying this record.   Pewt'r Sessions 2 by Brian    This is tripping my face right off. The first sold-out volume of Big Ron from Sunburned Hand of the Man's psych jam excursions with Danish spacefacers CausaSui caused much celebration in this sweaty hole of an office and now part two is here to shave the top of your head off and spit acid-fried ricocheting wah-wahmadness right into the slimy lining of your brain case. It's a dense stew of astronomic riff-action, duelling guitars firing off into hyper-space, whip-tight tumbling drums and ever-evolving bass lines finding multiple ways of enhancing the brilliantly loose and exciting grooves. Compared to some of the recent space rock and psychedelic improv we've had in, this 23-plus minute track 'The Garden of Forking Paths' is completely relentless, frighteningly deep and well mesmerising stuff, balancing both incredibly professional focus and unhinged free-rock abandon perfectly to form a real cosmic cerebral treat. 'Gelassenheit', one of two tracks on the flip takes a more Krautrock inspired route, sounding very much like Can at their most jam-locked demented; the initially steady metronomic drumwork locks the band into a thrilling psychotropic frug that just gets wilder and wilder and will totally own your poor battered mind by its conclusion. I really like bands such as White Hills but, truth be told, only Cave get anywhere near this intense on record for me. That Can/Hawkwind thing they have going can't escape the astral madness here either! The finale, 'Brassica Blues', is a much more meandering, laid-back number that is nevertheless drenched in atmosphere anddruggy sensuality. One of the best modern psych records I've heard in recent times. I hope you have a lot of incense and strong greenery at home because you'll bloody need it to cope with this monster platter...



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