Collected Machine Music by Plinth

Plinth makes music using old victorian music boxes, calliopes and all manner of wheezing things. Beautifully constructed and atmospheric, this re-issue contains all the tracks on the original Time Released Sound CD issue with new artwork in a reverse board sleeve. Limited to 250 that are completely exclusive to us! 

Vinyl LP £13.99 The Square And Compass 13

LP in reverse board sleeve with new artwork. Includes insert and download.

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CD £12.49 TRS 011

Digipack CD on Time Released Sound.

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Collected Machine Music by Plinth
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9/10 Jamie 14 August 2017

It’s Michael Tanner’s Plinth project and his spook-tronica classic, Collected Machine Music from 2012. The digipack cd from Time Released Sound is long since out of print and here we present to you our exclusive and limited edition vinyl version, because we love you... We do... And not in a creepy way.

It’s a collection of tracks connected by Victorian mechanics -- music boxes, calliopes and so on. Funny people, those Victorians. They liked pretty things but it all sounds a bit macabre and sepia-tinged to me now, sitting at a computer screen in 2017. A calliope is a steam organ, in case you weren’t aware (I wasn’t). The sounds are made when the heated, compressed air is pushed through the various-sized pipes, escaping as steam and musical notes. Like at a fairground. You’ve probably heard one, possibly on a horror film. There’s a calliope on track 5 of this record, in fact. I just try not to think of the jerky movements of automata with scary mechanical dolls’ faces. (Mechanical dolls. Shiver).

It must be said, the music boxes on this record make the most beautiful, delicately twinkling and evocative sounds. Often with the most fluffy and gauzy-soft beds of reverbed chimes to recline upon. I do love the harmonic sounds of glockenspiels and the like. Sometimes the music boxes are left open to talk to each other, while Michael supervises on tape loops and effects and generally watches so they play nice. And every few minutes he rewinds them and alters the speed and pitch of each.

It’s all so magically atmospheric... and just a little bit unsettling. Like waking up to the smell of a freshly-peeled clementine and a fresh pair of socks at the foot of your bed. And it’s not even Christmas yet.

9/10 Phil 08 February 2012

Phil's original review of the original CD pressing from way back in 2012....

Ooh, a new Plinth album. Only heard a bit by this chap but whenever I do hear something by him it pricks my ears up. The music is created using old Victorian music boxes, calliopes, wheezing mechanisms (I've no idea). What you do get though is a delightful collection of twinkles and chimes which is quite possibly the most magical thing I've heard in a long time. It makes Colleen sound like Slayer or something. It's simply beautiful and I reckon it's what it sounds like inside Paul Daniels's head (Yes, it's that magical).

Okay, maybe it's not that magical (I'm not sure what could be) but the array of twinkles on offer are so charming that I can safely say this isn't a release which should be ignored. Beautifully constructed atmospheric pieces of music which have a timeless feel due to the age of the instruments the music has been created with. Even if you did pick up the original Rusted Rail release there's now a whopping seven extra tracks which all sit comfortably with each other so there's an excellent reason to buy it again. This is sweet.

10/10 Bruno Dealmeida 24th October 2014

Wow--what an almost horrific shame to review a CD that is out of print; I am doing so after only one listen and all I can say is yay for limited CD releases of 200 (as this Plinth album saw) and yet, how very sad that the world will not hear the amazingly charming sounds that roll out the speakers unless they listen on his Bandcamp site or download digital somehow (or our brand spanking new vinyl edition - Phil).

It transported me to one of those dreamlike places where things are floaty, pleasantly blurry while simultaneously telling me a story from a historical past that i look fwd to hearing again and again (I space out my listens to keep it ultra fresh). 

The mixture of instruments and semi muted/barely audible/comprehensible voice recordings lending atmosphere to this Plinth recording are genius and simple. Peaceful and gentle in mood, they didnt drag me to the dramatic ....but to the mysterious and enchanting. Thank you Plinth/Time Released Sound label and cheers to Norman Records for making it available and making my day :)

10/10 Chris Customer rating (no review), 4th September 2017
10/10 Sean Customer rating (no review), 31st August 2017
8/10 Leigh Customer rating (no review), 29th August 2017


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