Guts by Daniel Menche

Guts by Daniel Menche was available on Vinyl Double LP & CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl Double LP £20.99 EMEGO138V

2LP on Editions Mego.

Sold out.

CD £13.99 EMEGO138

CD on Editions Mego.

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  • Guts by Daniel Menche


Guts by Daniel Menche
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8/10 Brian 12 January 2012

It's great working here. You get the chance to hear what it sounds like inside a massive churning cement mixer full of bits of old car and get paid for listening to it. Now someone's emptied the cement mixer and parked an idling aeroplane next to it. Now they're fucking chucking loaded body bags full of dead people into an empty cleanaway skip right next to us whilst a mad-eyed giant is trimming his beard with mutant remington clippers. All this happening at once! Oh my. Now the giant has started experimenting on the cleanaway skip thinking he can make some quality electro-acoustic noise/musique concrete for him and his enormous scary friends to sit round listening to on giant drugs. I think he might also be “playing” the skip with the bones of someone he killed and ate. He's really good at it. Or that's what I'm going to tell him anyway. I think he keeps kicking the skip and shaking it too because he really likes the reverberations it makes. As do I (I better inform him). Very cavernous and echoey indeed. The last “tune” on here is the sound from within the bowels of the empty cement mixer listening to the giant cutting up the aeroplane outside with his “clippers” (ie. a dead velociraptor encased in titanium that he's managed to convert to mains power). I think he may be planning on eating the plane at some point in the future, I do hope there's nobody on board...


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