Cold Pin by Eli Keszler

Cold Pin by Eli Keszler was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £18.49 PAN21

Ltd LP on Pan in screen-printed PVC outer.

Sold out.



Cold Pin by Eli Keszler
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9/10 Brian 17 November 2011

Ha ha I've been saving this till nearly the end and couldn't stand it any longer. You really need to read the press release to learn about the construction of this amazing album, a most intriguing amount of effort and work has gone into what is a truly remarkable experimental/ improv record! It sounds incredibly dense and complicated, but believe me, it is also relatively listenable! There's some languid smoky jazz occurring under this intricate mesh of metallic rattle, organic collapse and percussive thrash. I have not heard a record that sounds so demented and full of life in quite some time. Everything about it screams excitement and passion, passion for doing something that sounds truly out of the ordinary and for that, Eli and friends I thank you warmly. You know when kids tape lollipop sticks the the forks of their bikes so they reverberate on the spokes? Well side two sounds like an orchestra of that with some more sleepy brass parps and deep tumbling kettle drums. It ends up resembling a tropical jazz jungle full of mad insects and is thoroughly mental. One of the most invigorating jazz/improv records i've ever had the fortune to hear....


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