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Alex Cobb/ Aquarelle

Vinyl LP. Low Point

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  • White vinyl LP on Low Point (LP045)
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8/10 Staff review, 20 October 2011

Aquarelle is here with one side of white wax numbering the two tracks. Ryan Potts he's really called to his homies, I think his genuine name would have suited this release better, twinned with the Cobbster who hides behind nothing, he lets his REAL name flop out, warts, hair & all in front of everyone. What a charming two-some down the pub on a Friday night these two could have been. Potts & Cobb, everyone's fave dastardly pint-chasers?? Anyway, this is ambient washes over tripping drones & dreampop loops with huge explosions of giddy white noise pluming out at intervals. Around half-way those explosions turn into a expanding mushroom cloud of fluttering, lurching, flailing noise that is more meditative than abrasive but still scorches the inside of your head a bit. This would sound marvellous amped-up to 11. The Cobbulator goes for wavering tones, soft pulses, implicit glitch & crackle and generally very nice dark ambiance. Definitely some of the more intoxicating and attractive sound-art I've heard in a while, the dense ricocheting drones coming at you saucer-attack style marrying up nicely with the avant-scrunch tactics. The second & last piece by this Cobbvader guy takes the shape of an intensive cosmic drone piece that seems to rewire your mind whilst washing seductively all over your earlobes. There's plenty going on here, like if the solar system was a shimmering ocean, this is it's sound. Now drink deep......

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Split by Alex Cobb/ Aquarelle. Vinyl LP. LP045.

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