The Widow Blades by Reigns

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The Widow Blades by Reigns
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8/10 Dave 12 October 2011

Mention the words “concept album” to the musical layperson and you can expect the same reaction that someone like me might give when finding out that you've been invited to a wife swapping party at Harry Redknapp's of fear, mild curiosity and abject revulsion. Concept albums are by all accounts strange bedfellows, sometimes the subject matter is uninteresting, sometimes the music might not be as good as the story which the protagonists are trying to convey. My favourite “concept album” has to be Jeff Waynes Musical Version Of war Of The Worlds, a brilliant story, amazing, lush musical scope, a haunting narrative by Richard Burton and David Essex (“..with just a handful of men/we'll start all over agaaaiinnnn!!...”). IT'S A FUCKING ACE PROGRESSIVE RECORD! This new effort from Reigns is set much closer to home (Wessex actually) and its heady concept is the disappearance of a local woman called Millicent Blades who vanished in a heavy blizzard in 1978. All manner of questions have been asked about her disappearance...errrmmm, like where did she vanish to? Was she abducted? All that was found of her was her clothes (which had been turned inside out) and her interrupted footprints (did she take her legs off?). It's well Poirot. This record is a platter of recordings made (after extensive research by members A and B) in the places where the Widow Blades was thought to have visited on the day she disappeared. The music is a strange concoction, a sort of folk/ambient/electro hybrid. It's really well done though, and its strangeness is quite beguiling. Check out the rather excellent “Hybrium Sulphate” for example, it's sooo strange, but very interesting, and I can't find what Hybrium Sulphate does to you. The Widow Blades was allegedly hooked on it, and the band members dabbled in this drug, which cant be obtained anywhere due to its fictitious nature. I guess that's what this record is...a mebbe hypothetical musing about a folk tale. But nonetheless this is a record that drips weirdness and has been put together with conviction. Comes on 180 gram vinyl which is white and has black speckles. All in all mesmerising wheres that goddamn Widow Blades...



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