Looping State Of Mind by The Field

Who is the best person at loops? It could be argued that The Field's Axel Willner is up there at the top end of the chart. Looping State Of Mind is his third album and one of his best. Again it is a series of sublime blissed-out techno tracks which circle round and round like a bird looking for its prey as you slowly wallow in his bathtub of luxurious sounds. This (currently) comes at a nice price so no excuses... buy now - ask questions later. 

Vinyl Double LP £21.99 KOMPAKT241

2LP on Kompakt includes CD of the album. Woo!.

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CD £10.49 KOMPAKTC94

CD on Kompakt.

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Looping State Of Mind by The Field
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9/10 Brian 07 October 2011

I never thought i'd be here listening to cosmic funky techno & stuttering synth loops in my own bloody home and actually enjoying it rather than shoving my stereo out of the window in blind desperate fury. But now is the schizophrenic Autumn of 2011 in confused old England and i'm totally loving Axel Willner's "difficult" third album. It's not remotely difficult you see, just sublime, pulsating & dream-like. A lot of this chilled-out chap's stuff is like speed-Balearic, gently thrumming, discreetly thumping infinitely-layered escapism that sounds as life-affirming as a heartbeat. The formula hasn't changed that great a deal, he still trips you out with his star-gazing simplicity but I think the songs on here are even more sensual & cheeky than ever whilst retaining that intimate, bubbling trance-like ascendency he always displayed in spades. I loved the Walls album last week but this, quite frankly, is next-level shit and you have to have it in your life, sorry!!

9/10 Nick Green 14th June 2014

Let's get this straight, I love The Field and all four of his albums are classy, engaging, sophisticated (very much like myself) and some of the best things Kompakt have done for a while.

Can't stop listening to this over and over again as befits it's loopy charm, love the way every tune slowly builds around a tiny sample or two and stretches to a crescendo that you never (ever ever ever) want to end.

If you have never heard The Field buy this and then be prepared to have to buy all his other albums too - utterly addictive!!!

10/10 Joe

The perfect follow on to one of my favourite electronic albums that was The Fields second album. Along with Wolfgang Voigt in his 'Gas' phase this is some of the best ambient techno you'll ever hear.

9/10 Teo Customer rating (no review), 20th December 2019



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