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Descent Into Delta by Talvihorros was available on Vinyl LP & CD but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Descent Into Delta by Talvihorros
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9/10 Phil 13 September 2011

I like this guy. He's only been doing stuff for a few years but his first few releases really impressed me. I was looking forward to this baby and it doesn't disappoint! Again I'm gonna use the word soundscapes...actually fuck it...this guy creates beautiful dreamscapes! Ben (Chatwin) produces beautiful sounding music with his guitar and nothing else. There's a hefty dose of post rock in there and sometimes it sounds like the bits in Godspeed records before everything kicks in and goes large. That doesn't mean to say this doesn't go large...I don't even know what that means but this certainly has epic qualities which surpass what most post rockers can do. The track 'Theta' reminds me a bit of David Sylvian & Holger Czukay's tape loop/radio fun experiment 'Plight & Premonition'. It's beautifully warm sounding and it totally sucks you into this gorgeous world of floaty time. If you've not heard this guy before and you're into post rock/ambient/droney business then check this out cos it's seriously good.

10/10 Simon 24th July 2013

This was an impulse purchase. I'd not heard of Talvihorros before this. I have to admit it was totally the pretty cover that drew me in...

It turns out this one of the best impulse purchases I've ever made. It's one of those rare albums that has made a real impact. This is droney ambient guitar music, with lots of pretty loops glacial textures and all kinds of other ethereal sounds. The cover is the perfect compliment to the music, too. The album supposedly explores the idea of sinking into sleep. I almost never fail to feel totally relaxed and drift off when listening to this so I guess the concept works pretty well. I don't fall asleep easily, and this album really seems to help.

You can chuck it on in the background and just chill out, or give it your full attention and hear all the details as they slowly fade in and out. Either is good. It's minimal, but it's not cold. It's somehow emotive. There's still enough subtleties and nuances for this to be a really engaging listen. Somehow it never gets boring. Beta is a stand out for me, but the whole thing works as one long piece. I've listened to some other Talvihorros, and it's pretty good, but it doesn't quite match the brilliance of this album for me.

Descent Into Delta is not only an extremely good record to listen to, but it has partially informed the direction that my own music and guitar playing has gone. It seemed to be the missing piece for me to fully work out what I wanted to do and how I would do it.

In short: amazing background music, amazing music for focused listening AND inspiring. This is probably one of the most important albums I've ever heard, and I'd never even heard of Talvihorros when I bought it. Funny, that...


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