Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate by Lord Foul

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LP on DAIS. Numbered edition of 500 copies with foil embossed artwork.

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Killing Raping Burning / The Devil’s Advocate by Lord Foul
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6/10 Mike 14 July 2011

Lord Foul was a one-man hate machine operating out of Louisville, Kentucky in the early '90s, and this LP collects both his two demo tapes onto one side of vinyl, with the other side taken up by what I can only describe as a phenomenally shit etching (weirdly enough designed by the same guy who drew the totally sweet foil-stamped cover design of some behorned, behooved, betitted, becocked goat-beast. Musically it's pretty sloppy hardcore-inflected black metal with little samples of film dialogue in between some of the songs. It's home-recorded and pretty rough around the edges, but there's still a fair amount of melody and it all flashes by at a pretty violent pace. The second of the two demos is definitely a lot slicker than the first but the vocals are a bit high in the mix for my taste throughout. With music this brutal I prefer it when they're more buried in the mix, since the momentum's really coming from the drums and guitars. There's some 'zine interviews in the liner notes, too, where he goes on about his influences and how full of hate he is. The influences aren't a big surprise, Impaled Nazarene, Rotting Christ, Spazz, Samael, etc...this whole record sounds like it's got a layer of grime covering everything. Really nasty stuff, for people who like their stuff really nasty.



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