Common Era by Belong

Vinyl and CD reissue of Belong's Common Era, the first long player to be released since the celebrated but underexposed October Language. This album retains the fuzzed out ambience but augments the gorgeous, Hecker-esque wooziness with a more song based, shoegaze approach, replete with drums and vocals.

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Common Era by Belong
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10/10 Phil 28 April 2011

Oh my god. I've been waiting years for this to come out. It's only 5 years since their breathtaking debut which is still being regularly played at home though it feels like an eternity. One thing you know for sure is that when a band makes an album that good and doesn't do another one for 5 years then it's gonna be good. In this day and age of folks releasing loads, making everything available and being far too prolific for their own good it's great when you get an artist like this who takes their time to breed a classic. The opener reminds me of something off the Fluorescent Grey EP by Deerhunter. Shoegazey fuzzy pop with a metronomic beat and breathy vocals. I love the fuzz....and it's contained throughout the album. From start to end there's a general shoegazey fuzzy feel. Plenty of pop tunes in there amidst the feedback and that is what separates it from the 1st album. You get pop songs with vocals. Melodies are buried deep within layers of feedback. The songs are brilliantly constructed and on first listen I was getting the goosebumpy thing halfway through a song. I rarely get that on first listen of anything. If you're after a contemporary reference point then if you liked The Soft Moon album you'll more than likely dig this. Gothy dreamy pop with a drum machine and more fuzz than you could shake a shitty stick at. Fucking genius.

9/10 Mex Mexico 4th August 2016

It's 53 miles to Norman Records from where I live.

I think it would take me about 17 hours to walk there. They would be shut if I left now so there's not a lot of point walking there. I could camp out maybe but there is probably something good on Channel 5 tonight. Probably.

Anyhow, I had never heard about this bunch of chancers until I read a review from someone that works at Norman Records. I think it was Norman himself. I can't remember.

It can't be that good can it?

Oh well it's a bit cheap so I will have a punt.

So I am listening to it now and it's not that good. Not quite: nearly.

If anyone can tell me if I used a colon right there I would be very grateful.

It's a bit like Ride wanted to sound crossed with a very chilled out Jesus and Mary Chain. I think it might sound a lot like Chapterhouse as well but I can't be arsed to go find my Chapterhouse record to check. It's very 80's but in a totally modern way.

It's really good. I think you should get it. You should get it from Norman Records as well who I can forgive for not sending free sweets anymore (we do!-Clint). I blame Brexit.

I got the Helen LP as well in the same order and it makes a great double bill with that one if ever you are DJing at a methadone clinic.

Thanks for listening, it was really nice of you.

10/10 Jacob munkholm

This is the album of the year!

10/10 Ewan Cowie

Simply cannot stop listening to this record. Feel the same way about it as I did when I first heard Deerhunter's 'Cryptograms'. An instant classic.

8/10 Camille Customer rating (no review), 23rd March 2020



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