Out of all the Emeralds side projects Imaginary Softwoods is perhaps the lesser known. It was made by founding member John Elliott in 2010 and is a journey into dark soundscapes and washed out doomy psychedelia. After the initial triple cassette sold out it was pressed onto vinyl by Digitalis. These copies are apparently 'warehouse finds' and you have precisely fifteen seconds to get one before they sell out again.  

Vinyl Double LP £15.49 DIGIV060

Gatefold 2LP on Digitalis, mastered by James Plotkin, cut at D&M. Limited warehouse find copies.

Sold out.



Imaginary Softwoods by Imaginary Softwoods
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8/10 Clinton 29 October 2010

Emeralds get about don't they? This is one of the dudes doing is own deep dark synth drone thing. I have no idea which is the A side as the records don't have any indication of what it what so I've just plonked it on and hoped for the best. About 4 minutes in nothing has yet happened. There's a very grainy lo fidelity drone that as I write has been joined by another drone. I've just moved the stylus on to the next track. This drone is busier, slightly higher in tone. I can hear some variation to the sound...ah brilliant there's a deep sub bass come to the party. Its definitely oscillating. The track is getting grainier as it goes on. Track 3 is completely different, this is a slow hand on a synth - no drone. The next side is more drone variation. Track 6 on the album is a very pleasant tone indeed, probably the best tone yet, quite beautiful. Anyway, I may mock slightly but this is a very restrained project. There are some beautifully washed out colours and a delicate hand on the board meaning that each piece has brevity, subtle changes and shape of mood and thankfully is twiddle free. Haunting late night sleep inducing music.......and God knows I need sleep.


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