On The Beach by Edgar Wappenhalter

On The Beach by Edgar Wappenhalter was available on Vinyl LP but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl LP £12.49 morctapes #056

LP on Morc Records edn of 180.

Sold out.



On The Beach by Edgar Wappenhalter
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8/10 Brian 08 October 2010

I was expecting this to be Sylvester Anfang go surfing. Can you imagine them slaughtering goats on the beach then cracking open a few bottles of Leffe Black & hitting their boards drenched in blood? Yeah man, feel the horror. Nah, this initially starts as a drone record, all spectral, shimmering & gently drowsy. Then he gets his acoustic out and starts playing a sleepy jam whilst screeing swathes of feedbacking acid-fried electric guitar hover in the background, sounding like the fall out between practice rooms in a studio. It sounds like a mess but works strangely. I don't know what he's singing about, it could be murdering goats whilst under-the-influence of some terribly bourgeois hard narcotics. A little later on he gets his beat-box out and does a kind of twatted DIY kosmische techno thing, all lo-fi muffled thud and spaced-out synths. It's a really cool track and I don't think any goats got harmed during the recording. Side two sees some more noisy guitar explorations & blurred drone work - the second track going down a slightly woozy Emeralds-esque path with some implicit wah-wah chucked in there. Really nice, slow-tripping tune! More acid-fried neo-folk shambling next which comes over both beautifully scrappy & strangely affecting. Concluding with a very lo-fi slice of tropical motorik, like Sun Araw meets Moon Duo in a dirty bin. A diverse & curious record full of dark fun.


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