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It’s What I’m Thinking by Badly Drawn Boy
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6/10 Brian 30 September 2010

Right. That beardy Mancunian tramp is back in our lives and we should be grateful. He makes the majority of us look like Christian Bale (though Brett already does - wooooh! Hold it ladies!), even after we've been on a tequila & kebab marathon, shat ourselves & woken up face-down in the gutter afterwards. No longer blatantly ripping off Elliot Smith or Brucie bonus (well you can't fake that kind of despair and he'd look an even bigger twat in a cut-off t-shirt) but I'm actually not entirely sure WHAT he's actually doing now. We don't wanna open the deluxe CD package, it looks too posh. So we're having a listen to the more than moderately interesting "collage" of the album his old mucker Andy Votel has constructed. It's the only "promo" thing we've got to go on. And it sounds just like an old Twisted Nerve/Finders Keepers thing really. Loads of mad old folk/cinematic/kitsch/psychedelic twists stitching the skeletal fundamentals of his new album back together to resemble some woozy aural Frankenstein's monster after a few mushie brews. It really works rather well, though I bet the actual primary album is a bit Kenny Loggins - his last few have been far too MOR for my tastes. So the Elton John of Pavement Pizza Towers has been shambling around in that fucking smelly hat for over a decade now! But, ya know, it's kinda reassuring to have him back! Although given that this is mooted as the first of a trilogy I may be soon eating my words....

8/10 Stu 24th February 2015

I first heard this record at a mates place when it was first released back in 2010 and I sort of just dismissed it as an Elliott Smith inspired effort which is sort of a clique when it comes to BDB. However the sound of the record always stuck with me and after a few years I decided to take a plunge on this and see if I could get past my pre-conceptions and appreciate it as something fresh. Turns out I really like it and the textures I first heard are still pleasing to the ear holes. I think the song writing and production is superb. Each track seems to take a theme and then fully explores it, often to the point of monotony which aids in giving the record a slightly hypnotic feel. Everything sounds hazy somehow but not to the point where all the layers just blend into a mush, I like it best through headphones so you can submerge yourself in it, not a punchy rocker to soundtrack your swagger down the high street but more of a liquid dream to soundtrack a drunken bus journey home.


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