The Pod by Ween

The Pod was a 1990 album released by Ween way before pods were things like an iPod or a Podcast or a Camping Pod. They were ahead of the curve in the pod stakes. It is said to be their most weird and surreal album. Made on a four track at home with all kinds of tape manipulations and sound effects, the press release suggests that drugs may have been involved.   

Limited Vinyl Double LP £26.99 SRLP1255303

Limited edition gatefold reissue 2LP + CD on Schnitzel. Pressed on 180g grey vinyl.

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Reissued CD in on Schnitzel.

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The Pod by Ween
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9/10 Li'l Biz 18 February 2010
Didn't expect to see a fresh copy of this to come through the golden gates of Norman towers...I should pay more attention. So Schnitzel are taking care of a repressing of 'The Pod' much to the delight of almost everyone in the world. Recorded to four track whilst whacked out on goof balls and silly string Dean and Gene Ween's efforts on The Pod are some of the most hilarious committed to tape. Totally bizarre and supposively inspired by crazed recreational drug use The Pod is considered to be the most challenging of the their LP's mainly due to shonky four track production, muffled instruments and effected vocal lines. Primarily made up of tracks taken from the Bilboa tape and the Big Timmy Wasserman tape and recorded whilst the duo we're suffering from an acute case of mononucleosis (maybe?) 'The Pod' has that unhinged sound that can never be replicated. A totally unique and awesome record. Repressed on 180g vinyl and CD. come highly Lady.

9/10 Paul 2nd November 2016

The Pod was the first Ween album I bought and is still my favourite. I discovered Ween via Bongwater who were on the same Shimmy Disc label, before a time when the world wide web was available to most people, so the only way to discover new music was to go into shops and listen to it, or hear it on the radio (most radio music was rubbish and still is), or read magazines, or in the case of Ween, read the paper inserts that came inside Shimmy Disc records that listed and described the label's roster.

The description of Ween was something along the lines of "Kramer's favourite band" and "weird", which must have been enough to convince me to buy it without even hearing it first. I'm glad I took the risk. You can tell they were having fun making this album and were probably heavily baked, because they keep cracking up. It's woozy, wobbly, discordant, silly and very psychedelic. A giggly trip that sounds like nothing else I can think of.


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