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Fuck Buttons
Tarot Sport

  • USED Vinyl Double LP £14.99 inc. download code
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  • CD on ATP Recordings (ATPRCD35)
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9/10 Staff review, 08 October 2009

I missed Fuck Buttons recent tour which is was really bummed out about as i saw 'em at Primavera last year and thought they totally killed. That set was enough for me to dig deep and invest in their last album 'Street Horrrsing' who's strange combination of ambient and dance influences i found totally refreshing, like a more enthusiastic version of Growing.

After the immense amount of praise that 'Street Horrrsing' received i'm not surprised to hear that Andrew Hung and Benjamin John Power have made a valiant effort to up the ante and produce something truly special for album number two. The big news is the induction of legendary DJ, producer and remixer Andrew Weatherall who has taken on the role of producer and sculptor of 'Tarot Sport'. Weatherall's presence can be heard clearly on an album that takes the original analogue Fuck Buttons formula and pushes it into the digital age. 'Tarot Sport' doesn't necessarily suffer for it but it definitely sounds like a hi-def dance record as opposed to the mutant lo-fi effort that was 'Street Horrrsing'. Single 'Surf Solar' mangles up some old house vocal motif whilst adding layers of synth ambience to create a massive tune that is good for both dancing and tripping out on the hammock. 'Rough Steez' is a favorite as it utilizes some really strange loops and has a totally nutty beat. Elsewhere we hear familiar Fuck Button's themes manipulated and tidied up for the dance floor without sacrificing what made them so special in the first place. Certainly a step up for the band....i wonder what these tunes will sound like live? Mint i hope.

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Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons. CD. ATPRCD35.

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