A Brief History Of Love by The Big Pink

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A Brief History Of Love by The Big Pink
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8/10 Brian 11 September 2009
2009's brightest hopes nearly split the office down the middle so severely last Friday there was almost blood & tears! Uncle Phil & AngryKidBrett (tm) were at loggerheads over whether we should still be pushing bands that are chartbound & have several thousand folks already shouting their name from vile magazine/gutter press column inches, when we could be promoting free jazz and garage rock records about the delights of the humble sausage. The Big Pink have that uncanny knack of impressing me one minute then pooing me right out the next. I can see why 4AD are backing them, they''ve got some remarkable scope soundwise, this kind of contemporary terrace friendly psychedelia element mixed with this bulldozery shoegaze guitar oblivion that proper twats your face off. So for some of this record truly are the missing link between the more commercial elements of Animal Collective & the swaying, euphoric segments of the largely awful Kasabian (who should stick to football having seen some YouTube footage of late) 'A Brief History of Love' is their album and is probably in the recommendations this week more for the tasty nudie sleeve than the actual contents. Brett thinks they're absolute rubbish but I find a respectable amount of their tunes stick addictively in your mind and at several junctures I'm weirdly reminded of Baby Bird, albeit a very bombastic radio shagging version. These are largely, pretty obvious, anthemic songs, designed for boozy Saturday nights in noisy townie bars, bustling football stadiums & for soundtracking sports highlights on the telly but I can't get too annoyed by it when I should maybe be stamping my foot & demanding a rendezvous with the God of music to ask why he/she got so leathered last night & let things slide so dreadfully. I think 'Love in Vain' should be their Xmas ballad and I still love 'Velvet' regardless of certain cynical naysaying types I work with. CD & expensive vinyl set coming soon!



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