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This EP is so great! Very rocking songs, three of the new album "Give me fire"! If you listen to those songs you can´t get enough and you MUST listen to the rest of the new album! thankyou. THE MANDO DAIO PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT First of all I have to say that Mando Diao is just a great band ...

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Mean Street EP by Mando Diao
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10/10 Heaven1 Customer review, 13th November 2009

This EP is so great! Very rocking songs, three of the new album "Give me fire"! If you listen to those songs you can´t get enough and you MUST listen to the rest of the new album! thankyou. THE MANDO DAIO PUBLICITY DEPARTMENT

10/10 Cati Customer review, 7th November 2009

First of all I have to say that Mando Diao is just a great band. Their music is different than the other music from bands who just sound the same!

Mean Street is an amazing song and makes me feel really good. The other songs are great too!

I think their new music is much better than their last CD. I was a bit disappointed about it but now I love Mando Diao again and it's my favourite band! :)

10/10 lara inthesky Customer review, 6th November 2009

you really won't regret buying this ep. the song mean street sounds like it comes right from the 60ies or early 70ies. it's one of those songs that make you wanna dance. quite characteristic for this song is the piano.
but the other songs are just as great. blue lining, white trenchcoat feels like an explosion that is only being excelled by give me fire. those songs can all be found on give me fire, the latest album. but the ep also includes a song which is not on give me fire: burning up. this song has become one of my favourites and i think it's really a loss it is not on the album. for people who like bands like the beatles or the kinks, mando diao might be the right band of this decade (and hopefully the following ones).

10/10 Felicia Customer review, 13th September 2009

Mando Diao, what moore can I say? They are the best band in the world and they have just proved that again by release this great EP. The EP is amazing, LISTEN TO IT!
(thanks to mando daio's publicity department for all these 'reviews')

10/10 swe80 Customer review, 1st September 2009

its only a few days ago i was in konstanz/rock am see. there i heard for the first time mando diao live, actually also "mean streat". it's so a "happy" song. i like to dance all the time this song is on the radio... gread job MD!

10/10 NEON Customer review, 15th August 2009

oh damn, the new single MEAN STREET from MANDO DIAO is soo amazing!! i love this song! MUST HAVE!!

Great Band. Great Album(s). Great Song. Great Music! I LOVE MANDO DIAO!

10/10 Marc Krüger Customer review, 8th August 2009

Mean Street is just one of the many awesome Mando Diao Songs, but Mean Street is one of it´s bests.
Mando Diao is a Band, which really got skills on their instruments and which sounds like the best out of the 60´s and 70´s, the mix that makes Mean Street sound so good.

10/10 Vivien Customer review, 5th August 2009

The Swedish music scene has come up trumps again, which proofs the new EP "Mean Street". Mean Street is a bright song that enriches the people, thats for shure!

Mando Diao are able to put together a sound near to the rock of the '70 and '80 years and a new kind of rock, the indie rock. In my opinion a well balanced mixture of those elements.

And I've to mention that the guys are a blast, while live performing! You have to experience it 'cause it's more than words can say!

You don't want to miss the the autumn tour 2009!

10/10 jenny nagenrauft Customer review, 5th August 2009

"Mean Street" - with the 3rd single extraction and the 5th title of the hit album " Give Me Fire" the five Swedes of Mando Diao intoxicate our senses once again. Initiated with a brilliant drumsound and bit by bit starting piano tones one comes there quite properly to dance mood! The sound reminds of a cheerful evening in the 60ies, when the people still have laid a hot sole on the parquet. If then the chorus starts, one only can smile  happily and one would like to join in the singing immediately and dance together to the rhythm. Once again an exceedingly successful song!

10/10 Miren Customer review, 31st July 2009

Mean Street is one of the bests Mando Diao singles at the moment. The quality and sound of this wonderful EP make the people love it. Powerful rithms, lovely lyrics, beautiful video... all this things made this single amazing, so if you listen to it once, you won't stop listening to it!

Mando Diao has always a different sound in all their albums, that make this band not to be the same all the time, so is great to have their albums and not get bored of them. You could be listening to it all the time. And the same happens with the Mean Street EP, you'll listen to it again, and again, and again. So don't doubt about it, everyone should have the new Mean Street EP at their homes!

10/10 Antonia Customer review, 28th July 2009

Mando Diao were always well known for their good music, clearly influenced by The Beatles and other bands of this time. But with this special EP, you can discover more: There are influences of the 60s, of some Motown, and even of some dancable beats. The opening song 'Mean Street' is one of this songs that goes through your bones. You wanna stand up and start to dance, and after you've heard it once, you won't forget it! The other songs are as good as the opener is, 'Blue Lining White Trenchcoat' with its energic beats and guitars, 'Give Me Fire', the title song to their current LP, and 'Burning Up', one of the wonderful lyriced songs of Mando Diao. Although I didn't liked the last stuff of Mando Diao, this is awesome and really advisable!

10/10 Roberta Pistilli Customer review, 28th July 2009

..well.. there are a lot of things that we could say about Mean Street and about the band.

First of all it's important to subtitle that this new band is one of the few really rock bands at the moment. Their sound is original, particular.. it's exuberant, cheeky, ecstatic.. it shakes you.

And the most wonderful thing is that this great sound is the risult of a mix: in it you can find the notes and the style of the rock bands of the '70 and '80 years, but also a new kind of rock, that's finding its success now.. the indie rock. the Mando Diao have interpreted this union really well  and probably for this reason thay are best expression of this  new genre at the moment.

so I think that we all fans have to thank Mando Diao for their music and for all the feelings that they are able to convey to us thanks their abilities.

then, about  the song.. Mean Street is the right song to become a single. It conveys happiness and will to live. Personally, i listen to it when I feel stressed, when I have a lot of problems and thoughts in my mind.. thanks to its harmony I leave behind all the concerns.. and i start to think that we can find a solution in every situation! and so i sing, i dance, I walk at home jumping.. with the stereo that transmits the notes of Mean Street!

so.. is there a better way to find again the force and the confidence in me???

guys, good listening to all.. with MANDO DIAOOOOO


10/10 Vanni Customer review, 28th July 2009

Mean Street is the third single of the nearly perfect album "Give me fire" by the awsome band Mando Diao. The song seems to be influenced by an old fashioned gangster film of the early 60´s. Starting with a keyboard solo the song goes on full of power. If you are in a bad mood just listen to this song and you´ll get pretty happy, I promise.

On the live shows this song is a killer, I swear. Go and listen to it on the Autumn tour of Mando Diao. Great Great Great!

10/10 Brett Schott Customer review, 28th July 2009

This is simply one of the most amazing songs anyone will hear in their lifetime. I strongly urge the purchase of the Mean Street EP, or even the full album, Give Me Fire.

Mean Street is like nothing you have heard before. With its undeniable surplus of uplifting tones and innocent melodies, mixed with the sheer quality of the accompanying lyrics, one will be left memorized and feeling like a child at heart with a delightful side-tinge of the ecstasy of adulthood.

10/10 Gloria Customer review,

The opener and title track of this great EP, Mean Street, is one of those songs which are perfectly made to become a great summer hit. Clearly influenced by Motown and the Beatles, it's amazing 60ies sound make you wanna dance on the spot. One of the songs which you'll never forget, once you've heard it. The following song 'Give me Fire' is like a musical 'explosion'. Rock 'n' Roll at his best. The great  gutairs on the third track 'Blue Lining, White Trenchcoat' make this song another highlight of this EP. The final track, 'Burning up' , with it's beautiful singing and lovely lyrics really let you stay 'burning' after hearing it. The whole Mean Street EP is an amazing exemple for how Mando Diao has brought some really great Rock'n' Roll to the 21st century. So I love to call them my 'Fab Five'! Five Stars for this awesome Mean Street EP!   


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