Riceboy Sleeps (2019 Analogue Remaster) by Jónsi & Alex Somers

Jonsi and Alex Somers don't just play together, they work together... or they did once on the Riceboy Sleeps album, originally released in 2009 but now available on posh triple vinyl with rounded corners and now including the All Animals EP. This is gorgeous ambience of the highest order which will appeal to people who like Sigur Ros but also to people (me) who don't like Sigur Ros but know good atmospheric downtempo electronics when they hear it. Delve in.     

Limited Vinyl Triple LP £39.49 0190295432591

Limited edition 3LP on Parlophone packaged in a special gatefold sleeve with rounded corners. Includes the 'All Animals' EP.

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CD £13.99 963 0022

CD on Parlophone **SIGUR ROS DUDE & LOVER**.

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Riceboy Sleeps (2019 Analogue Remaster) by Jónsi & Alex Somers
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9/10 Phil 17 July 2009
Jonsi from Sigur Ros and his lover Alex release their album on EMI this week. It's called Riceboy Sleeps which is a name they've been masquerading under for a while apparently. It's far too nice to open with it's rounded edges and it's stickery sealedness etc (shouldn't get any bashed corners on this one!) so we've just heard a couple of clips online and it sounds well lovely. More ambient than Sigur Ros but as epic and emotive... Certainly if you're a fan of theirs (and about ten million of you are...) then you'll like the glacial sounding orchestral ambience of this. I've only heard 2 tracks but it sounded well tasty!! If we get a promo from emi we'll wing some sound clips up and maybe expand on this!

6/10 stuart

inoffensive fare that is in the airy fairy category. sort of middle class dinner party or Habitat music - the sort of the thing that would be caned if david gray produced it. not bad not great and getting more credibility because of who has created it than for what it actually is.

when an album has to explain that it is 'genius bloke from sigur ros (yes you have heard of them!) and someone else' to get your attention you know it ain't all that!



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