I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose is the brilliantly titled debut album from Bombay Bicycle Club originally released in 2009. The album showcases their ability to make literate and ambitious indie-rock that was compared at the time to the likes of Bloc Party and Broken Social Scene but also nodded backwards to the ambitious drone and noise of My Bloody Valentine and Loop

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I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose by Bombay Bicycle Club
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10/10 D jones 5th July 2009

I have been waiting for time with great expectations and anticipation to hear Bombay Bicycle Club's album since late 2006 as their Debut ep (boy I used to be) still is fabulous (couldn't stop listening to it for months on end, years now infact) and also had the pleasure of catching them early on in Camden Towns Dublin Castle slightly after, which was earblowing! like Bad is Good innit bruv. No, simply very special and clearly in no rush.

BBC are way beyond their years musically and in Jack's emotive lyrical maturity, despite the immature/ageist monotony from the Critocks rather than listening to the music and it's content. (NME guilty again, tell me what's wrong with finishing school Scribbles? Comparison aside, it didn't do Coldplay any harm did it? Oh, you don't like them anymore!!! Well, Island Records have given BBC's a 5 album deal I believe, whatever that means these days. Where are Cajun Dance Party now btw. No idea, shared the same school with loads of hype to boot. NotMeEd, it was him Sir! Too much Twitter you Twats.)

I have listened to the Album a handfull of times now and after the second hearing and my preconceptions out the window, I believe it is all and more than I expected. It has a great balance to it and a tremendous uplifting rhythmic vibe mixed with superbly delivered vocals and meloncholy that would appeal to prehistoric men that may not of heard of emotion never mind feeling it. Girls will go weak at the Jangle, but they are turning into men!! Na... Go and buy this, I am 40 next birthday and even I have been getting bored with  bigging this band up, they are that good. Contemporary comparisons... The Maccabees full stop. Apart from that, I could say The Smiths, early to mid U2, Bunnymen and maybe Joy Division on a sunny day (scratch that... rains in Manchester!!) Go and get it Ladies and Gents... if your ready to be heartbroken, Cancel on me.

10/10 Du Chaplin

A masterful showcase of melodies supported by creative and energetic drumming. The lyrics have less blatant reference to teenage life as earlier tracks such as 'Sixteen' and 'Pedestal' did, but by no means does this result in being unable to relate to the content of the songs. On the contrary the change in Jack's choice of words suits the more complex sound of the album.

I noticed a mention of Cajun Dance Party and their whereabouts in the review above and can only place their debut album on a tier far below 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose'. Their only commercial song ('The Next Untouchable') was destroyed by it's re-recording and was placed among an equally fruitless array of dreary songs.

Bombay Bicycle Club can now relax, and leave the hard work with their promotion manager. All that needs to happen is for people to hear this gem of a record, so they can sign themselves up to an already well established and widespread fanbase.



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