Octahedron by The Mars Volta

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Octahedron by The Mars Volta
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6/10 Brett 07 October 2009
Well whaddya know, it's the actual real Mars Volta with their new album Octahedron. I'm having to review this quickly because I think it's making everyone else suicidal.. Well, everyone except Phil who whispered to me that he was quite enjoying it then told me not to tell anyone.. I think I might've just broken a sacred bond of trust. I can tolerate them because I really liked the first one and at least find elements of their later stuff really funny.. Check out the insanely ridiculous guitar intro to 'L'via L'viaquez' for one sterling example. Anyhoo this one's not going to convert any new fans but existing ones will lap it up (they're just that kind of band I guess) and no doubt have the patience to get past the first few Led Zep III (or 'Televators') style folky prog numbers before the crazily noodly Latin funk-rock kicks in. Hey, John Frusciante's in them these days. We're sure they're ripping off Bobby Brown at various points. The artwork's atrocious. Moving on..

10/10 Alex Currie

Probably the best album of the century, so far. Seriously underrated and blinded by the polished production and ballads. Definitely worth a sceond, third, fourth, fifth, etcetra to infinity, listen. Listen without prejudice, as the great man himself said.



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