Carrion EP by Rubik

Carrion EP by Rubik was available on Vinyl 12" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl 12" £4.99 DOM004

12" on Domestic Records.

Sold out.



Carrion EP by Rubik
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8/10 Brian 04 June 2009
So this Rubik character, there seems to be a bit of fuss over his debut 12" EP on Domestic. 'Carrion' is the lead track and i'm sat here waiting for something crazy to happen that's gonna shit my face off. Well it starts off with like a dark itchy electroid beat and a hollow, brooding bass line before some more industrial techy vibes start to gang up on you, the whole thing pacing along rapidly, malevolently, with plenty of tight programming, spooked tinkly keys and dirty sinister samples. It's the first time in a VERY long while where i've heard techy junglist beats (they come in later on) merged with a caustic, yearning guitar line and thought it totally works. Quite something after all that! The flip starts off with a sombre acoustic guitar ('Substance' - a tribute to Bach apparently) before splintered lo-fi glitch beats and a creeping aura of doom creeps all over your head like a big fat spider of sheared metal oblivion. We cannot suss quite what speed this side should be as it sounds wrong on both. Wrong in lots of ways but the skittering cyber beats & evil shifting bass grind of 'The Shadow' are quite delightful in their sinister intent. I can see this appealing to a lot of different pools of people - the gabber head, industrial fiend & extreme metal "Krews" as well as curious "IDM" consumers that err towards the Hymen end of things. Can't pigeon hole this fucker thank god so if yr curious go for it....


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