Primary Colours by The Horrors

The Horrors shed their garage punk skins and stopped sounding like a B-rate Cramps tribute on their second effort 'Primary Colours'. Produced by Portishead's Geoff Barrow, the album is a dizzying cocktail of gothic psychedelia, shoegaze, post-punk and krautrock. It's a bit My Bloody Valentine, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Chameleons and NEU!. Check out the excellent final track 'Sea Within A Sea' for a taster of what to expect on this nocturnal classic. 

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Primary Colours by The Horrors
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8/10 Brian 30 April 2009
I remember us being initially incensed by The Horrors, a bunch of novelty goth kids on that Loog label pretending to be some noir-garage bunch of slasher maniacs but just looking like a bunch of fashion victims ala Nathan Barley. Now they've found a new home (XL) and have started wearing colours other than black. All very good I say, nice work boys. Like the Faris boys art, seen it in Vice, yes. Yup they're kind of a Vice homeband aren't they. Hmmm. I should hate them. They've found the button on their music "inventing" machine that is dymo taped "My Bloody Chameleons" which is very clever. They've then got the electronic boffin in the band to do things with his swooshy, tinkly bloop machine thing what makes it all sounds a bit modern so idiots like Nicky Wire start frothing at the lipstick smeared mouth. I'm not slagging this record you know, there's some cracking tunes on it and the MBV tremelo/dying seagull sounds marry well with the foot tappingly impressive new wave rock sound they've now adopted but it's actually not exactly original and to have Henry Rollins say it "totally rocks dude" or whatever the man of neck uttered recently - weird when HE "sang" in the behemoth that was Black Flag - is typical of that banal celebrity exaggeration and general clueless pandering that annoys me. Overall, this should really be on Hut records because it sounds like a Frankenstein's monster made out of all those bands that were on Hut between '91-'93, even Smashing Pumpkins. Oh and quite a bit of Bauhaus too, surprise sur-fucking-prise. Still, largely comprised of decent pop tunes so I give 'Primary Colours' it a 7.0 out of 10, they like their scores these young pups.

8/10 Amelie DeLarge

In a short note, Primary Colours sees The Horrors changing the keyboards to the guitar, switching to love lyrics and leading their music in a more consistent and mature way. The garage-goth mark is there ('New ice age', 'I can't control myself', 'Three decades') but it is less obvious and more interesting. Portishead Geoff Barrow's production is also spot on (I recognised many elements from 'Third' and there is that P's kick).The warm sound throughout the album (I think) was the result of being recorded in an underground studio with no windows and I imagine it will sound even greater on vinyl!What I really hope is the Horrors fans listen to the album, do a bit of research and go listen to the bands from where all this 'new sound' came from.

9/10 Richard Customer rating (no review), 8th May 2018



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