My Sister Boudicca by Quinta

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CD £8.49 TTRCD 003

Hand stitched lovelyness on Tartaruga edn of 200.

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My Sister Boudicca by Quinta
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9/10 Brian 08 April 2009
Right. I'm a little in love with Tartaruga recordings. Those lovely folk who dazzled & confounded us with the Norman smash by Bleeding Heart Narrative have done it again with their 3rd release, 'My Sister, Boudicca' by the amazing Quinta. Opening with a charming classical chamber piece that manifests itself as an excursion into Riley/Reich style electric piano repetition before some of the sweetest violin starts caressing my ears til tears spring from my fat eyes. As beautiful an introduction as could be desired. Quinta has a wonderful voice, as showcased initially on 'James on the Ocean', slightly ethereal and wistful, loaded with character. The instrumentation she employs on this album is often rooted within the classical sphere but she brings in a homely, folkish feel to her curious, spellbinding little movements, letting an ocean of emotion breath within the constraints of a "song". For a DIY record, this is of an incredibly high pedigree. Quinta uses "anything that makes a good noise" to produce her music, you can, for instance, find the most subtle electronic beat suddenly popping up its head amongst the swooping strings & curious clarinet. The title track is almost a madrigal, layered vocals hovering over quietly crashing waves of guitar feedback, a contrast indeed to the grace of the earlier tunes. A dirty accordian & electronic bloops form the basis for 'Reading to Me' which has some melancholic strings gliding all over it by halfway through, the sheer beauty of which remind me of our beloved Max Richter, especially the crackly old sample that sounds like it's from another age. There's twinkly music box experimentation that reminds me of early Psapp & Coleen, a ghostly cinema organ instrumental that prickles your spine with it's dusty stalker vibe before strange electronic whirrings make you smile with relief. I'm reminded in essence slightly of Piano Magic throughout this album but also of any number of multi-instrumentalist female mavericks. This music is incredibly moving, playful & nostalgic, each piece possessing a strong individuality. I especially adore the baroque electronic pop of 'In America' that comes across like a cross between Sol Seppy & CocoRosie, hazy, haunting vocals, a metronomic drum break & bass pulse with a blinding violin line. 'My Sister, Boudicca' is a cohesive, impressive record with something for any adventurous music lover. AOTW at the drop of a hat!! 200 only, in hand stitched re-cycled card (as is the Tartaruga uniform). Includes a printed paper doily & a beautiful miniature animation flick-book!

10/10 paul

this album is amazing.. i heard about quinta through batforlashes and orphans and vandals and a few other projects she's been involved in so thought i'd buy the album to see how it was.... it is truly stunning and i hope that she goes on to perform lots of shows ao i can watch her beautifully sad, nostalgic, romantic and frightened music time and time it now


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