The Longest Distance Between Two Points by Rothko

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The Longest Distance Between Two Points by Rothko
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8/10 Brian 02 April 2009
Like this new Rothko CD. Phil once convinced me to see Rothko an absolute age ago when I was in the midst of a love affair with acid techno & breakcore so I had to stand there with a pint of Guinness on a fucking TUESDAY trying to remain interested as 3 awkward looking men tentatively plucked electric bass guitars in some kind of strange abstract relay fashion with ABSOLUTELY SHAG ALL ELSE going on. Bored? Moi? At least they were better than Porcupine Tree. I'd have axed that shitter down & pulped it, half the chance. 'The Longest Distance Between Two Points' finds the current line up of Jeff Rothko & Dave Rothko (my wacky nicknames for our two protaganists) still plucking away on the deep, fat variety of steel string but drenching the whole thing in an awe inspiring Faust-ian cloak on the superb, grinding & atmospheric opener 'Give'. On 'Declaration' they tone down the intensity of plucking whilst letting some warm ambient drift tickle the underbelly & some nice jazzy cymbals whisper moody jazz things at your sister. I'm beginning to totally understand the enduring cult of their music by track 3. Much better than that shit artist who designs for Ikea (;0]), they have quite a lot in common with the wistful spaghetti western-isms of Labradford, the bass being used as a narrative instrument whilst all manner of intriguing soundscapes are explored and the loose & spiky percussion is just fabulous. Yes, Rothko are now totally absolved of blame for once making me stifle 16 yawns in one 45 minute sitting. In a nice card package through Trace.

8/10 mark beazley

Brian, Mark from rothko here [not Jeff, or Dave] there's 4 of us in the band now, has been since 2001. Just for your info.I'm sorry to have put you through such hell back then in Leeds. I hope it didn't take you too long to recover.But, things move on. Sometimes, at least. Thank you so much for such a lovely review of the ep, it's very, very much appreciated.And, most importantly, my deepest thanks for all the support Norman has so kindly given us through the years.With best wishes, Mark.


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