Science of Fear by The Temper Trap

Science of Fear by The Temper Trap was available on Vinyl 7" but is now sold out on all formats, sorry.

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Vinyl 7" £2.99 INFECT101S

7" picture disc on Infectious.

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Science of Fear by The Temper Trap
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4/10 Brett 15 April 2009
'Science of Fear' is by The Temper Trap and it features one of those 'electonica' breakdowns you used to get in nu-metal songs back in the olden days. Man, that was so cool! Why did all those ideas die out? It was so forward-thinking and shit. So over here you've got guitars and over here you've got synths and drum machines.. Why not put them together? Wouldn't that make The Perfect Music? Get back to it guys, this po-faced bit of indie epicness on 7" on picture disc on Infectious on our website is the example you all need to look to!

2/10 Stacey 16th December 2009

What is with this band.????? They sound like their sucking on a cock of a massive record company... Why are people falling for this marketed hyped bollocks...Cant they tell its music ripped off of bands that have worked for years to get where they are with out having to get on their knees.. Please...wipe the corners of your mouths and just leave the music to people with talent.

10/10 Brenda Jammy Dodgers 7th December 2009

Don't understand the negative amount of angry fuss here. The Australians are probably the most innovative music producers in the universe, the west just hasn't caught on to their rock.pop.mid 90s chart dance hybrid yet. Truly splicing the most cutting edge ideas into a maelstrom of mosh-tastic genius, this lot have to be heard to be believed. If Zane Lowe likes them then they must be the future of rock,, surely.

2/10 Simon

Well what can i say, this has to be the worst most hyped unmoving corporate cock sucking brown nosing band that i have heard come of Australia in the past ten years.It totally unoriginal in every aspect you could imagine in music.Song after song after song just sounds like a band with no talent trying to imitate their mentors from ripping off guitar riffs to samples and structures, stealing original idea's and trying to call them their own. Why don't record companies take risk's with their money instead of just thinking of their pockets.Don't you find it funny how a band can be pushed on to the general public through marketing and media making people believe something is great when it is not.


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